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  1. Mata needs more English Lesson. Or has he learned so much that........?
  2. I will be most excited if we sign him. Should have finished the deal after the Hazard signing..
  3. None of them played a million times better than him... He did not make any major mistake neither did he make any major contribution. Same to Piazon, KDB. Marin and Hazard were a bit lucky to have scored those goals by deflection. But these two really played well.
  4. Di Matteo admits to talks over Moses as Malouda edges closer to Bridge exit Di Matteo, who is on pre-season tour with Chelsea in the United States, finally confirmed the two clubs were in talks over the 21-year-old. The Italian said: '(It's) something that the clubs are discussing but at the moment he is a Wigan player. 'He had a good season last season, he is young and an interesting prospect.' Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz213f5vDzz
  5. Video (poor quality) http://www.101greatgoals.com/gvideos/seattle-sounders-2-chelsea-4/
  6. I can still see us signing Moses....And KDB,Lukaku more likely to go on loan......
  7. La situation devrait rapidement se débloquer, d'ici 24h à 48h, car le club acquéreur et le joueur sont quasiment d'accord. The situation should be resolved shortly by 24h to 48h, because the acquiring club and the player are almost in agreement. He is leaving Marseille this summer.....that's for sure......
  8. This deal should been done a looooong time ago IMO...
  9. Guys, do not exclude Chelsea players from the general top 10 rank. Include them as well if you think they were worthy of this. This is will give a better picture IMO.
  10. Hello, Please select the top 10 players of 2011-2012 Season. Here is mine: 1. Messi 2. C. Ronaldo 3. Pirlo 4. Drogba 5. Cech 6. Ramires 7. Aguero 8. RVP 9. Mata 10. David Silva
  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! This will be very bad for both Chelsea FC and him.
  12. Kakuta can play behind the striker(s). So, I say he is the understudy for Mata and Hazard. And no more loan moves for him........
  13. We are in many competitions this year. I believe that he will do better than Torres if we give him enough chances. He should stay IMO. Moreover, I do not like Fulham.
  14. That's the post of the month for me. Epic!!
  15. You sure? Could be just short for Oscar's club Internacional and not Inter Milan? Hahahahhahahaa. Spot On. And very funny (and confusing at times).
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