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  1. Pulisic has been hurt twice, and Sancho was shifted from LW to RW (Pulisic is almost always RW) and has just even dominated more on that side. Plus, Dortmund have multiple great options at LW besides Sancho: Jacob Bruun Larsen is a 20yo (just turned) Danish LW who looks a soon to be badass Marco Reus can play LW Raphaël Guerreiro their starting LB played there (LW) today and tore shit up, lolol they are so fucking loaded with versatile players and they are doing this with 4 starters out injured, including the 2nd hottest striker in Europe, Paco Alcácer Jado
  2. yes but my formation is unlike any of those typical back 3 Conte style Italian set ups. I do not like them either boring as fuck footie, even when you win, which soon doesn't happen, especially if we played Conte ball with some of the shit we have now oh, that's right, we did that last year, lololol
  3. Pull Hazard, Jorginho, Kovacic and Rudiger out and keep Sarri (and thus his system that nullifies Kante by putting him a bad-fit role) the team as it is now is fucked. Oh, btw, 2 of those 4 are probably gone in the summer
  4. I would love to hear Sarri's thoughts on this Kante is the key, he is so unique I think he would just wreak havoc to the point where diagonals wouldn't matter, as we also have an extra CB to cover the flanks the overload pressure on the opposing team, I would think, would be overwhelming I don't think Hazard would have that much more defensive responsibility as we would have the other 2 MF'ers to give width defensive as well, with Jorginho floating in a regista role, waiting for the ball to set up play he would get the ball from either the front 5 or Kante behin
  5. With no Hazard and both our strikers being absolute tosh (in terms of goals scored) I would LOVE to see Sarri just go berserk and play pinball footie versus a slow as fuck Burnley CHO (LW) RLC (striker, NOT joking) Pedro ( RW) Kovacic (CMF/AMF/Box 2 Box hybrid) Barkely (AMF/CMF, more emphasis on forward play)
  6. I am still down with Martial as our number nine TBH Sarriball would turn him into a goal machine, he has unreal pace at CF and can be a deadly efficient shooter (as he has demonstrated on numerous occasions) Plus he deffo can get physical, if need be and is a decent passer. Let's hope Mou doesn't get the sacking and he puts in his walking papers
  7. But we would have an extra CB, AND an unleashed full destroyer Kante to cover the gaps plus the 3 OTHER MF'ers to press higher, and both the wingers too
  8. best RW targets for us (other than Bailey) the first 2 are pipe dreams are pipe dreams Mbappe (lolol, I can by dream) Bernardo Silva (will never happen and this one is a killer as we could have had him from Monaco and instead went and took Bakadonkeyo) now back to reality Federico Bernardeschi (Sarri thinks he is one of top 5 players in Serie A) I would be over the moon if we got him (even with no Bailey) Malcom (he made a huge mistake going to Barca and is miserable) Christian Pulisic Dortmund Suso AC Milan (poor mans Pedro) Nicolas Pépé Lil
  9. He is having a bad start to the year, I have to admit, and he is surrounded by a bad group of family/advisers/hangers-on. Bayer Leverkusen overall is having a bad year as well, I would not be shocked to see Heiko Herrlich get the sacking by the holidays if he keeps up the turgid pace. He has crazy talent at his disposal and yet sits in 13th place in an 18 team league.
  10. This article is just woefully ill-informed on the continuing geo-political situation vis-a-vis Russia versus the US/UK alliance. You have 2 pincer movements that are going to continue to ratchet up tensions against Putin and his Russian oligarchs (of which Roman is one if the his closest allies). First off, the American Democrats are almost assuredly going to take back the US House of Representatives and have a slight but not impossible shot at the Senate as well. They are on an all-out anti-Russian hysteria ever since the 2016 presidential election of Trump. Even with just the House
  11. Bayer Leverkusen, not Bayern Münich. If he was at Bayern we could forget about him altogether unless he totally crashed out.
  12. Outside the box thinking here... what about a 3-1-3-3 formation? GK Kepa LCB Rudiger CCB Luiz RCB Azpi DMF Destroyer Kante (who, along with the CB's instantly sets up the offence by getting the ball to Jorginho after a pressing turnover or a takeawy) DH Playmaker Jorginho CMF Box to Box/AMF hybrid Kovacic AMF Barkley or RLC LW Hazard RW Pedro or Willian CF Giroud or Morata would look like this: Hazard Giroud Pedro/Willian
  13. Sancho with a brace now, he is on fire, unreal his progression. Tracking to 20 goals, 32 (yes 32) assists in all comps.
  14. Targets to watch Dortmund CB Abdou Diallo CB Dan-Axel Zagadou 19yo, huge (1.96m) and pacey LB Raphaël Guerreiro (playing at LW today) RB Achraf Hakimi (playing at LB today, so great battle with Valentino Lazaro) DH DMF Julian Weigl CMF Mahmoud Dahoud LW Jadon Sancho (playing on the right, just scored, one of hottest players in Europe atm, only 18, Shitty made a HUGE fuck up selling him) RW Christian Pulisic RW Jacob Bruun Larsen (great 20yo prospect) injured players: Paco Alcácer (one of hottest strikers in Europe, minor knock, not dr
  15. Borussia Dortmund v Hertha Berlin HD stream https://www.vipleague.bz/borussia-dortmund-vs-hertha-bsc-berlin-streaming-link-1 tonnes of targets Jadon Sancho just had a CRAZY goal called off for offiside
  16. Do you rate Barkley then? Kovacic is not a true AMF (he should take Kante's place, as I discussed at length above) AND Real Madrid are more than likely going to NOT sell him to us (I desperately hope they do.) If you don't rate Barkley, then surely you completely agree the number one AMF who is remotely available is Kai Havertz. Nabil Fekir is damaged goods, Victimpool saw the likelihood of a catastrophic re-injury of his knee. Isco is a pipe dream, unless you think a straight Isco for Hazard swap is a good move (it is club-destroying madness). Havertz is 19, tracking to 16 plus
  17. Nothing strange about that Its a 4 3 3 With RLC as striker (very intriguing, would love to hear other thoughts on this, it probably is just too cray) and the move I have screaming to try, Barkley at RW, replacing the human play delay that is Willian.
  18. 2 different roles really. Kovacic is actually better at the role Kante plays when they both start, and RLC obviously, is the more natural AMF (competing with Barkley). Notice that RLC ran riot with Kovacic in the Kante role. I can almost certainly guarantee you he wouldn't have had a hat trick had Kante been on the whole time. Kante is just very limited offensively. I do not see this changing to any massive degree. Kovacic is vastly superior in his forward flowing play. I DO understand Sarri needing high pressing defensive play from that B to B Alan role player, and why he obviously know
  19. Vesper


    Especially on days like this (One of my alltime favourite games and days!) https://www.skysports.com/football/chelsea-vs-wigan/210847 Chelsea 8 N Anelka (6, 56),F Lampard (32 pen),S Kalou (54),D Drogba (63, 68 pen, 80),A Cole (90) Wigan 0 G Caldwell ( 31) Chelsea vs Wigan Premier League 4:00pm Sunday 9th May 2010 Stamford Bridge (Att: 41383) Chelsea are champions 6 days later, we won the Double in the FA Cup:) One of my truly favourite teams.
  20. My only interest in him is as a striker. I do not even know if Sarri and the board see him as an option there. Surely they must, as other than a dice roll on Piątek the other options are insanely expensive and/or not available, or are ageing stopgaps or even bigger gambles.
  21. Great news! January moves on a loan are usually not good outcomes.
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