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  1. A close friend of mine went to Cobham today in the hope of getting some snaps with the players/coaching staff. Luckily he was able to get photos with JT, Batman, Kante, RLC and Conte. However, he mentioned that David Luiz didn't stop and that surprised me considering Luiz is all about the people and usually a people friendly person! So my question is, are there any of our current or players of old that you have met, seen in public, or approached for a photo/autograph, who have turned out to be rude or stand off with you in an unexpected way? Possibly some stories if you have any!
  2. For the money side of things, great, for the look it's terrible! Especially the Carabao logo!
  3. Whether such polls are true or not, who cares. I've heard every insult under the sun from rival supporters such as "you bought your titles", "you were nothing before Roman/Mourinho", BLAH BLAH BLAH! End of the day, the people saying this haven't seen their side win a trophy in years. So be that as it may
  4. THIS! I'm very intrigued to see what happens in the window.
  5. As many people have mentioned, if it brings in more money, all for it. As long as the tops don't start looking like billboards. PS. That Carabao logo is SO putrid.
  6. Beauty of having Optus Sport in Australia. Every PL game!
  7. Didn't know any of that, but in any case, I was just throwing it out there that he's allowed to. Very weird!
  8. If you mean sign somebody, no need. Conte just needs to bloody put Fab in! PS. On the subject of Nainggolan. If they don't let him smoke at half time, should be an alright signing haha
  9. I don't doubt that Kante would be wanted by the bigger clubs for sure, but I hate clickbait SO much!
  10. Considering all the talk about how he may not be able to keep up, he has certainly proved anyone that believed that to be true, wrong! I've always thought he is class and he has proved it for sure. Tell you what though, Sunderland look scared on the ball. Never seen so much hesitation and panic on the ball and just a look of being lost.
  11. Just a thought, but United have Anderlecht either side of our game. What sort of side does Jose go with? Most would say a full strength team, but if they are down 1-0 or 2-0 in the first leg against Anderlecht, surely he rests players against us?
  12. In light of the recent articles about Real Madrid wanting Kante, if anyone believes these clickbait websites, you are a twat.
  13. How so? He made maybe 1 or 2 tackles that didn't come good, aside from that he was solid all game.
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