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  1. Absolutely INCREDIBLE signing! This is a sign of intent from the board, this is an unbelievable moment for us, we managed to sign a top 3 midifielder in his position guys, this is an absolutely gigantic signing for us, the level that Azpi, Kante and Eden were. I am actually pretty emotional that this actually happened. i love this club so freaking much
  2. Mount is a terrific prospect , he won the best player of the U20(?) World Cup last Summer, and is IMO tied with Hudson odoi as our best prospect from their age group. He reminds me of KDB
  3. Isnt he playing regularly? I certainly wouldnt be upset by him returning and actually being used though! One of our best prospects
  4. I disagree. I think that the system we are playing so far is perfect for us(3-5-2) and IMO, we were absolutely not defensive, as a matter of fact, we should have won and comfortably, but we just couldn´t take our chances. I think we are 3 players short of having a top 5 starting eleven in the world. 2 WB´s( Sandro and a new RWB) and a midfielder in place of Baka( RLC if he develops as we are expecting him to).
  5. Sorry, but those guys at least showed something, this guys is completely garbage. Could please enlighten me, at WHAT does he excel exactly?
  6. What exactly is this guy good at? fucking hell man, the dude is an absolutely shit passer, an even worse dribbler, just a fucking terrible player all around. People keep saying that he has potential, at fucking what exactly? because at his age he should have the fucking basic´s covered at least
  7. Apparently they are interested. Not worried at all though. Same shit with Hazard, they were only able to buy Neymar due to his buyout clause, and Mbappe because they offered an absolutely ludicrous sum and Monaco is a selling club. They will soon find out that Kante doesn't have a release clause
  8. I never really Warmed to this kid. Always Felt that he thinks he ia bigger than the club, and his statements of love for Real Madrid get on my Fucking nerves. He doesn't deserve to play for us, and i always, unlike Eden, thought that he would Fuck off to Madrid the Second that he got the opportunity. Get rid.
  9. True. Its kinda bugging me to not see his name mentioned anywhere other than Chelsea forums
  10. I am honestly in awe of how he has developed. I remember his first game against Bayern, they lost 3-0 i think, and he looked lost on the pitch, you could clearly see how nervous he was. To see him playing with the confidence and calmness that he has now is absolutely incredible. I knew he had potential, but i never knew he was this fucking good, and he is just 21 years old! We genuinely have our next captain now, and better yet, he is OUR player, he came from OUR youth team, and he is THE best young CB in the world, which just speaks volume about the level of players we are creating there
  11. Anybody else noticed that he always plays the first half wearing a long sleeved shirt and then uses a short sleeve on the second half? Lol
  13. Christensen is RIDICULOUS, how the fuck did he got so good on that loan spell, he just oozes class everytime he is on the ball, just so calm and collected. People often forget that we got Christensen back from his loan, but they are ignoring the fact that, if he wasn't already ours, we would have been asked to pay over 40M euros for him without a shadow of a doubt. I give it another 1-2 months before he becomes a permanent starter for us
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