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  1. what media? i have eyes and i see how he behaves on the pitch and how he played from january. easily our worst player.
  2. jesus christ youre talking about him like hes a player from an albanian 3rd divison team. im out
  3. matic is still a good player. he is valuable for this team. not sure if he is a starter material tho, but his skill would be immense if something bad happens. we desperately need depth. would never sold to any english team, especially not to united. buy another midfielder and keep matic. no one guarantees that the new midfielder is going to be better than matic.
  4. a serbian commentator and journalist said on twitter that sanchez will leave arsenal but stay in premier league. he also said years ago when hazard was still not a chelsea player that he will go to premier league and play for a team with a blue jersey. he rarely has tweets like this with inside info and similar stuff. so he is questionable with his reliability. but it's strange.
  5. i would rather play 100 million euros for verratti than 50 for bakayoko. btw i agree, azpilicueta is not good for the right wingback. we saw that when he played it this season.
  6. hm a 22yo brazilian midfielder...where did i heard that before?
  7. what do you guys say about carrasco? i think if we fail to buy sanchez we should go after him. dont know exactly how realistic is that but i would love to see him here.
  8. holy shit he played five games alone and won them all!?
  9. get him a new 5 yr contract!!!
  10. dembele is great too, not sure how realistic is that tho
  11. conte needs to grow balls and drop him for one game or two. costa thinks he's untouchable and irreplaceable so whatever he do he will be in the starting squad next week. fucking frustrating to watch
  12. we played really good in second half. let them have the ball, it's not like we didnt have a clue like in first half where we were awful. great sub at the half. defending is a skill too.
  13. second half was poor? then what was first half?
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