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  1. i feel that costa may be new torres with the current MIDfielders ..
  2. Welcome my countrey's son
  3. I wish this tough period ends the best end by defeating the saints also wished that D.LUIZ would have benn available for this match to play in the same position he played versus reds but unlucky he was ! Also Hazard must take arest after the last hard games squad CECH AZPI IVA TERRY COLE RAMIERES ESSIEN SCHURLE WILLIAN TORRES & KTBFFH <3
  4. Great game we played ,, all players were in big responsiblity and played very well ! & Even if ETOO hurry & Unlucky torres we would have won more 2 But anyways great game & Congratulations to all chelsea fans & this is best end for 2013 Chelsea's year & this is gift for u guys https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=mjLZiQTXlhE
  5. MOT is HAZARD no doubt in that i think regarding the performance ,, balanced to far extend but i have many question markes ! Why mou insists of benching MATA in inportant game like that and he sure knows that MATA has soultions ! Why changing hazard in last 15 minutes as he was p,laying in top form and presents best indiviual solutions and tallest period of controlling ball Why joining OSCAR and appears that he isn't in the best form to play ! Really angry for losing expensive points easily because of manager's understood strategy ! GOOD LUCK IN WHAT'S NEXT & KTBFFH
  7. hey there how GW17 goes with you all ? till now i got 55 points & still have 6 players havn't played yet seems that it will be nice week
  9. I wish this loss yesterday doesn't affect players badly ! I Have come back to this thread again later 2day
  10. Loss from the bottom of the table in the time u want to be at the top of the table How This is procesed ! I think schurle was in good form , ETO is big shit really wast the unwasted chances , careless player !
  11. I wonder why the speech get down to this level ! Every one is free to support what he wants without go in fire with others But as we here in forum of CHELSEA only . ALL of us must respect our supported team , this is essential thing and no doubt in that GOOD LUCK FOR CHELSEA ,, MY LOVE FOR DROGBA !
  12. Who i would buy replacing aguero ? The Chicken That was Give US GOLD In FaNTASY OR Buy Normal Striker And The money remaining i buy new defenders ? Here is my team
  13. Welcome back KING DIDI <3 But Wish qualifying to CHELSEA INDEED
  14. Also that because as i said before that only one florentino perez can pay in this BOBMING deals like he did with BALE If suarez leaved REDS this will be out of england in common and towards MERENGI !
  15. It's just a kind of science fiction to think that suarez can join us !! liverpool can't give him to one of it's great rivals in england especially in his recent brilliant form
  16. I wish we face any team except galatasaray ,, can't see drogba in bridge as rival for us it will be very difficult Good luck for us in all ways
  17. isn't there any news about a coming pc version of GTA V
  18. Spurs this season are far way from spurs of last season But may that because of many new players joined them last summer & AVB still can't reach the best squad who can play regularly or at least most of them !
  19. I think strongly florentino perez will still play his favorite hoppy in catch great players from other clubs & will offer big bid for liverpool to let suarez go , and also can't imagine that liverpool may give suarez to any english club specially those who compete them like us & CITY . arsenal !
  20. In all ways we need more n more goals CITY has very good GD allow them if they climbed up us any time they willn't pulled down for GD again & also same situation with Liverpool after their big victory 2day versus TH
  21. No more talk after this photo It ends all comments or further speech about what happened in this match
  22. Thank u barbara for your interest , Steve kindly has just already sent hem to me earlier today i'l join you now in FPL
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