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  1. KONAMI has no creative sense .. just one base and every year modify small details No huge changes like EA did in FIFA Second year for row i ignore it & go for fifa
  2. Sure ... It will be big lose for the team .. no doubt in that
  3. i wonder why THE MOU doesn't start try him as CDM player as benetiz did ! I think luiz is more than just defender , he has great skills like shots with left foot that isn't all player are good in
  4. BVB is lost this season i think ! Leverkusen will be the main rival for Munich !
  5. I want both codes for classic league & also H2H But can't send PM to u steve Plz send me them , wait for u
  6. Look aguero in MAN CITY , a perfect example of what should the striker be can score from any place any time , he makes the best of any chance ! wish see player in chelsea like him . after drogba leaved us our scoring power dropped to half
  7. I can't forget 4/4 chelsea liverpool in 2009 in champions league match was very tough clash & blew down my mind
  8. the german boy i think he needs more minutes to play in rotation with willian ! both of them did great efforts in the field wish the mou give him more chances
  9. i'm very afraid of barca steal him from us many reports talk about that they will offer bid for sign him
  10. I watched the match online but see u lately wish i helped you
  11. Same feeling as u bro acctually
  12. agree with your expect for far extend except kalas , think DL may start this match . sunderland is premierleague team and can't compared with swindon town
  13. benzema what !! he is kinda of failure player ,, he misses more than he scores ! torres is better than him . & also i can't imagine that mourinho ask the board about signing benzema !
  14. I think he is still young abit Can't even decide what to choose !!
  15. Vote to hazard & Also very happy to ses MATA in SQUAD Great chance for us to catch top of the table next weak in case of spurs gave new year gift for us tomorrow & at least pulled liverpool down in DRAW at least
  16. I think these are just media guesses no more It's impossible that monaco gave up falcao quickly this way !!
  17. I just wish seeing mata from beginning of the match
  18. After short list anounced vote for ronaldo & Heynckes
  19. unlucky talented player wait for your return in squad
  20. i read 2day that chelsea will back to rooney after he refused to go on in talks with manu to renew his contract think that manu will be forced to buy him to gain from him before they lose him for free !
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