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  1. I think it can be Diego has his mojo back, few more players need to full get theirs and I think build bit more confidence and think we will do well
  2. I wasn't sure about Conte but I am loving his passion and love him jumping and screaming kicking every ball with us, loved his post match interview also
  3. We might as well not turn up as we are going to get an awful ref who is going to screw us just like today. Liverpool always kicks off and it doesn't matter what Diego does they have him set up as some monster which is a joke. He's got his mojo back scoring some great goals. He just needs to keep his cool, I was proud of him today seeing Fabiankski right in his face saying he had dived I don't know how he didn't give a nice Glasgow kiss. (It's not as nice as it sounds) so well done him for just ignoring it.
  4. I've taken some time to calm down from that joke of a game. I honestly don't know why any bothers when Ref's engineer result so much as they do. Yesterday goalie takes out Rooney blatantly and no penalty. That guys falls over Thibout and they get a penalty and then that second goal was a disgrace if that Ref couldn't see that and the linesman for that matter can't see that tackle on Gary they shouldn't be in the job. Imagine if that had been us? Does ANYONE think that would have stood for us?? Then Fabianski's tackle on Diego was a disgrace and no penalty for us. Also
  5. Oh no, hate City, would rather anyone won than them bunch of cheating egomaniacs, who bets Aguero once again gets off ban?
  6. I was pretty disgusted at how City treated Joe but can't expect much from them they are one of the worst clubs who constantly have to have a player and take them away from a good environment where maybe they are the star striker and then very quickly don't want them anymore and abandon them. It is sad for Joe as he is a decent guy and I thought he never quiet fit with the egomaniacs at City. I hope he does well at Torino. I think Utd did some very good business getting Zlatan for free, wish he had come here
  7. I couldn't believe when I read there was a possibility of his return and didn't allow myself to get excited until about 1230 pm last night when they showed him on Chelsea TV in the shirt and my heart skipped a beat. I was so sad when he left, I loved him, was a great player for us and deleted he's back and to hear it was him that pushed for the move and really wanted to come back to Chelsea. I mean what more could anyone want than a player desperate to come back and wear our shirt. I can't wait to see him playing again.
  8. I cannot wait to see David Luiz back in a Chelsea shirt was gutted when he left and was so delighted to see him back at Cobham last night
  9. They hate us as as they are jealous and try to say we have no history when we have an incredible history full of heart and wonderful moments.
  10. I think the team is showing a bit of confidence back after a poor season and I think Conte is bring some of that back. We need to just play our game and take it game by game and if everyone plays their part I think we could have a good season.
  11. I am loving the new home strip. The detail on the pattern is lovely.
  12. I wasn't sure at first and to be honest didn't know much about him but in the few games we've had this season, I am loving his passion and excitement for the game. His reactions already legendary, I think he could be a dark horse in the background of the battle of Mourinho vs Guardiola. I think good things could be coming.
  13. What was he doing today? Why did he do that!?
  14. Couldn't say it any better
  15. I think we have the most attractive whole squad in the PL and of course the hottest manager with Jose. I can't help it, I love JT, I didn't used to but I've grown very partial to Eden
  16. I'm really happy for him to get his 1st. PL medal, I hope it really makes his birthday special
  17. Wonderful season, delighted to finally be champions. The game was hard to watch today, particularly the last few minutes. Well done everyone. Well deserved vicinity, I couldn't be more proud of Jose and the boys
  18. More tickets on sale tomoz for crystal palace, can anyone get me two tickets? (Lower tiers)
  19. Still can't believe it, if that absolute ***** of a ref had given us just one of the Three deserved penalties, we would be playing for the league tomoz I just have a horrible feeling, I just want it wrapped up, I can't face it again, stupidly convinced myself we were going to win last year and obviously didn't in the end
  20. Always the same but makes me so when you see people with like 5 'spare' tickets to games online and charging £350 each??
  21. Does anyone have two spare tickets for Sunderland ??
  22. Can someone please explain what's happening here, I tired to look for an actual clip of this online and can only find him speaking no hitting camera, what was it on? Anyone got a proper clip? What was said?
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