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  2. Chelsea Kits thread

    They're a hell of a lot better than what we're getting served
  3. Ola Aina

    According to a report in Italy, via The 5th Stand app, Fiorentina will try to persuade Ola to choose them over Torino. As we've discussed earlier in this thread, if Ola wants to go, there's nothing CFC can do to resist the binding buy option agreed with Torino as part of his loan deal. That does not mean however that we can't ask Ola to stay here rather than accept the move. I think he'd be a good squad player because of his flexibillity, but a place in the squad probably won't be enough bait to tempt him unless... Unless this rumour has been planted by his representitives looking for leverage to negotiate better terms with the Turin outfit. If we wanted to compete on pay we probably could. Best contract, plus a part of the rotation is at least something we could make a case to him about.
  4. Ola Aina

    I wouldn't want to lose Azpi. We need some 'glue' in the squad.Some people with feeling for the club. Not enough of those currently.
  5. Reece James

    It might be ludicrous, or it might be right. I think it's right, but I accept we don't agree about that. If I tone it done a bit and say that he's one of the best, who should be a member of the squad next season, then maybe we can agree about that.
  6. Today
  7. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Herrera man marked Hazard a few times very well, if he doesnt play on sunday, Eden will have more space to do his magic.
  8. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    I think this Liverpool team is better than barca. More complete and more balance. I favor pool to best barca. The only way barca to win is to have Messi waving his magic feet.
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    1st season, impossible to judge. We have better squad but as we all know having clinical striker can solve tons of problems. Arsenal has two real striker. We have 0.
  10. Man Utd v Chelsea

    FS I hope Jones can play hazard always makes a wee boy out of him lol
  11. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    That's not the point. We haven't really progressed throughout the season. In fact, second half of this season is worse than the first. We shouldn't care about this. It's the END result that matters. So we should award him with a sticker for failure? Even I didn't put this as a positive for Klopp when he reached both finals. We have the easiest run in to the semis, more than any other decent team in it. Tell me, which team have we faced yet that was a challenge, from the very first game. Lol...two months ago, Arsenal-Mania people said the exact opposite of this. I laughed when they said that because that's far from the truth. (Sarri gets all the praise, Emery doesn't) And point 5 is far from the truth as well. Hardly any pundit has praised Emery for having a good season. They did at one point, when Arsenal climbed up 3rd...but they stopped now. However Emery's achievement of getting top 4 will be bigger than Sarri's. Why? Because Arsenal looked like a joke for years. They still look like one even to many eyes. People rate our squad over theirs. So if Emery reaches top 4, it'll be more of a miracle to Arsenal, then it is for Chelsea. Also, which idiot here thought Chelsea was going to win the league with Sarri this season? Who? Especially with that joke head Morata. The board? 100% agree. The fans? The managers (Sarri, Mourinho and Conte) brought these things upon themselves. Don't blame the fans.
  12. Man Utd v Chelsea

    the backward passes are a joke, specially when we are in need of a goal, its been a constant theme this season, it just puts even more pressure on defense, too many passes to Kepa and the backline specially if Luiz and Christensen are playing, always bound to make a mistake at some point in the game, its frustrating as hell
  13. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Just hope if we build up a attack we don't end up back where we started. The backwards passing drives me mad
  14. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I didnt say he is world class, just better than Sarii, and that PSG bottlejob was not only down to him, PSG again blew it vs utd......that team is filled with mercinaries that rarely give any shit in the big games. His Arsenal have shown more Progress than us imo....they have a horrible team with lots of injuries, yet they are in semi's in EL convincingly and just a point below us. If forced I much rather Emery than Sarii.
  15. Chelsea Kits thread

    Some of them look like they have been puked up.
  16. Man Utd v Chelsea

    United will play the counter attack game which mean they will allow possession to us which we really dont make use of. For once, I would have loved to play the park the bus strategy against this Ole's United ... his players specially the 2 upfront and the full backs are always on the run trying to beat the defense which allow the central players to move up and crowd the opposition half... If a team sits behind it doesnt allow them gap like Burnely in the last game, United would be on the back foot. But Sarri will play his usual false 9 on this trying to counter the pace on the flanks with Pedro and Willian and Alonso and Azpi ... going to the same old thing. As i mentioned before we dont win at OT unless an individual steps up which for us is Hazard.
  17. Chelsea Kits thread

    Look at those. Even the inter one I think is a bit iffy with the diagonal stripes in the middle but all in all decent plain shirts (my preference only).
  18. Chelsea Kits thread

    They couldn't give a fuck about us mate. The annoyance is any of the other teams tops I've seen, albeit not confirmed, look decent enough. Why is this acceptable?
  19. Man Utd v Chelsea

    According to Goal: - Rüdiger might be ready to play - Alonso and Ampadu have not been training with the first squad - Willian had a thigh injury but not serious - Kanté should be okay At Manchester, Bailly, Jones and Ander Herrera are all doubts.
  20. Chelsea Kits thread

    Like a costume for halloween ...
  21. Chelsea Kits thread

    My 10 year old LOVES the home shirt..... Kids are mad
  22. Man Utd v Chelsea

    So Emerson makes one to three mistakes in his first real season, therefore we should slam him down exactly like Alonso, who is more experienced but slow and made hundreds of mistakes over the years. You are having a laugh if you think Alonso would have prevented Burnley's second goal. Not saying what Emerson did was okay, but be realistic. We only have two choices. Him or Alonso.
  23. Tammy Abraham

    That's the Players' team of the year(PFA). In the EFL Championship team of the year(where the 24 head coaches vote) Tammy wasn't included but Reece was.
  24. 10. Eden Hazard

    He is good as gone imo... interesting what we will do with the transfer ban...
  25. Man Utd v Chelsea

    Gonna be a disaster...
  26. 10. Eden Hazard

    Makes me laugh when they 'Sky sources' but don't say what they are. A cynic would say they mean journalists need to create stuff so they get paid
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