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Drogba has Surgery!

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Posted on: Sat 24 Jul 2010

Didier Drogba successfully underwent minimally invasive surgery yesterday [Friday] on the groin injury that had troubled him for some of last season.

The decision to perform the procedure after his return from the World Cup was made to optimise his rehabilitation, and he is expected to return to full training in approximately three weeks.

Source:the official chelsea website

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The club had to bite the bullet with this one, it was either have him miss the start of the season or get a more serious injury in the middle of the year and miss the title run in. It is a pain but in the long term we will benefit from a fully fit Drogba later in the year

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This was long overdue he should of got this done a long time ago, he has been playing while injured for 3 years now.

Just wait until he's fully fit then, eh?

It's about time he had surgery, though; like others have said it is long overdue. He may miss the start of the season, but I'd much rather him miss the first few games where most teams will be inconsistent anyway, as opposed to the rear-end of the season where every last point counts. We need Drogba for the run-in, and this time around, hopefully, he'll be at full match fitness.

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It's been four days since my Op and i'm feeling fine. Probably go to work on Monday... If Drogba had a similar operation than i don't really see him missing the start of the season.. But than again he is 6 years my senior...

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