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Set Pieces

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We've had the Lampard v Ballack debate, a sort of continuation over who should take the dead balls.

Howver good a player Lampard is, I think the resposibility should fall to others. Ballack, Alex, Drogba etc. Lampards corners and free kicks have been pretty cack for a while now, seeming to never get beyond the first defender.

Its not rocket surgery, and we saw against Fulham, the best policy now we've Alex is to aim for the far post, and get the ball knocked back in. It's something that Stoke did yesterday for all their corners,-ok they didnt score but had numerous chances resulting.

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Lol, saw him Saturday down at Bristol City, took a free kick and nearly scored.

the free kicks are already being rotated although lamps takes almost half of them, may be they'll start with corners soon but none have impressed much consistently in his absence

Belettis against fulham were the best yet.

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I agree Franks set pieces and mainly his corners have not been to the greatest standards. Ballack has shown from a free kick out side the box that he is very leathal, and so has Sheva, Alex and Drogba so we have plenty of options in that department. Corners are the main area of concern for better delivery.

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A rotation would be good because we need some sort of variation. If one player keeps on taking corners in a match eventually the defence will become wise to it and will clear. In my opinion, Joe Cole, Malouda, Ballack and Belletti should take the corner kicks between them. Drogba, Ballack, Lampard, Shevchenko, Alex and Joe Cole should sahre free-kicks in attacking positions.

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i dont remember lampard ever scoring a decent free kick without deflecting or something. In 05/06 he scored against villa by simply side footing it past sorensen along the ground but that was down to an awful wall. Same vs Bolton in the same season when we won 5-1 but again that was down to the worst set play defending you'll ever see. The only one hes ever got right was the one against Fulham away when we won 4-1 in 04/05.

It all depends who is playing. If Ballack plays, all the free kicks from between 18 yards and 25 years must be his. From around 30 yards it should be Alex as he seems to have a more precise shot than lamps from their, he has a history of scoring free kicks like that but again, with everyone fit, he probably wont play as it will be JT and Riccy.

Drogba has scored a few excellent free kicks for us too. The one he scored agaist portsmouth in 04/05 was perfect. He scored against PSG and Forest too. Shevchenko also has a pretty mean Free kick, again, better than Lampards. The one he took against arsenal was quality, just a shame it was down the middle, he took a similar one against boro last season that was almost perfect and i dont know if anyone saw his FK against Italy, fucking stunning strike off the underside of the bar. He curls them with a hell of a lot of power and his accuracy from them is very good.

We have a hell of a lot of options for free kicks this season. I just wish Lampard would leave them alone.

Ok now we come to corners. Malouda hits the first man everytime. Lampard has 2 variations, he either hits the first man or floats it in high for the GK to grab it. SWP drives them in kinda floaty but always puts them in the right place, Belletti is excellent, he puts them in the right areas. Joe Cole always hits the first man. I reckon Ballack would be an option again from Corners.

Penalties......Well this season we've been Faultless, Lampard, Shevchenko and Ballack have all scored with absolute ease so we're fine on that front. Drobga takes pens for his national team too so wth pens, really we should be perfect at pens. If we have a penalty shoot out and Drogba, Sheva, Lampard and Ballack are on the pitch, we'll most probably get at least 4 in lol. Even JT takes a mean penalty, Scored vs Newcastle in the Asia Cup in 2003 and vs Portugal in Euro 2004, again with ease.

Free kicks from around the penalty box = Ballack

Free kicks from around 30-35 yards = Alex or Sheva but if they're not playing, just let lamps have a lash i guess or create something different.

Corners = Belletti but if he's not playing, just chose anyone, they're all as bad as each other.

Pens = Lamps, Sheva or Ballack, no problem with either. Spose Lamps til he misses again, but he's taken his last few very well.

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I could go on aboutz this thread for ages but to make it simple....

Free kicks from 18 to 25 yards - Ballack,Shevchenko

30 yards or more Alex

Corner kicks - Lampard

Penaltyes - Lampard,Ballack

I love Frank but he just doesnt know how to score from a free kick

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Alex defo for free kicks he just hammers it.And if the defender decides to randomly do a cartwheel to clear it,even better lol.Just never ever Drogba and Ballack trying be clever again!Worked against Newcastle but against Liverpool when Ballack looked away my god you wanted to strangle him

Our corners my god they've been crap.Really got work on those cause they're just wasted

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we have a lot of excellent freekick takers at Chelsea which is great, but like Ollie said, Lampsy wont leave them. i really hope he will, when he comes back. we are horrible at corners, we should really score more considering we've got Ballack and Alex not to mention JT. I guess Belletti should just take them, seeing as no one else's really any good. and with pens Lampsy is going great, Sheva and Micha are awesome as well, i can finally say we dont have a problem :)

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Corners- just give them to Belletti. He seems to be the only one with a good and fairly consistent delivery each time he takes set pieces, his corner and free kick against Fulham helped set up both goals for example.

Free kicks in shooting distance- Ballack, he has more precision and (although the wall was poor, they did leave a huge gap for him) he scored one against Villa and I can't remember the last time Frank scored a free kick.

If it's further away then Alex.

Just don't give it to SWP. Or there's no point our defenders going up into the opposition penalty area at all because it won't pass the first man.

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Guest Lampards Bitch

We are absolute pants at set pieces for ages now. Time and time again the first man is never missed. I watch other football teams and they fizz the ball in, especially corners, which are dangerous and anything can happen. We seem to float the ball in which is fucking usless. I agree Ballack should be taking more of the free kicks. I really dont know what has happend to Lampard's taking of set pieces but it hasnt been right for a couple of seasons to be fair.

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yea after we won back to back, i cant remember many opportunities where we have scored from corners or free kicks, we used to be so threating when it came to them but for a while now i just don't see us as a threat from them situations anymore..

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