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  1. Joe is off to Liverpool...yuck.
  2. I wish they'd come back to the US for pre-season...their game vs AC Milan was one the best experiences ever!
  3. LOL, his hair prob just gives him confidence. But it's all about the cheekbones for me
  4. I sooo miss him Good goal though...
  5. I can't believe its been 8 years.
  6. This is incredibly sad from the club, we are so wealthy and we are targeting one player...who obviously cannot afford what we are demanding (and unrightfully so). As BL said above, he made a mistake years ago, seems to be back on the right track now. So indirectly forcing him into retirement is just pushing it.
  7. Eh...JT is getting paid alot, its not like he is being revolutionary or something. He got a pay raise because he used his position to get more money from the club. I won't forget that he didn't treat us fans too well for the majority of the summer...didn't denounce what Man City was doing, kept some of us worried. Although I think JT is a great player, and essential to our morale at the club, I don't think he should have this sort of power. On another note, no one should be paid that much, we need a salary cap.
  8. Thats so great! I'm really happy that you had a good time, even with the crutches I can totally understand about the whole picture thing, I filled my whole memory card when I saw Chelsea play in Baltimore. lol.
  9. Aww Sheva, thanks for everything! I'm sorry that it didn't work out, but it was the greatest seeing him play for Chelsea. Good luck, you'll ALWAYS be my favorite player!!
  10. http://www.magedtv.net/ch1.html totally better
  11. http://freedocast.com/forms/PopOut.aspx?sc=532A428A31E32139109A
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