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Goal of the season/ Video submission thread

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We've had some real crackers this season at Chelsea, in fact, we've been spoiled with amazing goals. So what do you think have been the best ones? This thread will also be used for the submission of the videos for the "Goals of the Season" video compilation competition. So have your say in what goals do you think the participants should have in their compilations!

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Oscar's second vs Juve has to be in the mix, too.

Same goes for Ba's amazing strikes vs either Manchester side.

Mata's freekick vs ManUtd

David Luiz also scored a great freekick vs Nordsjaelland.

Hazard's goals vs West ham, Aston Villa and Sparta Prague

Oscar vs Shakthar

In case we look for more than 10 contenders there also are:

Cahill's goal vs Tottenham.

Lamps's and Torres's goal vs Aston Villa were beauties. Torres's lob vs Kazan was nice, too.

wowow there are soooo fuckin many great goals this season we have to take at least 20 contenders.

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Mata and Lampard v Newcastle.

People seem to forget those because we lost the match.

There is also Hazard's vs Villa and Luiz's FK in that same match. Oscar vs Steaua deserves a mention and there's also Torres vs Reading which for me is the top 3 simply because it was an amazing team goal (even though it should've been offside). Mata's second vs Tottenham as well for that amazing Hazard assist.

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Cahill vs Spurs is not getting enough credit. Fantastic technique on that volley. Watched it come all the way down and thumped it

The fact that he's a defender makes it even more special.

People are also forgetting Oscar vs Shakhtar. It was a genius goal, executed to perfection.

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chelsea's best goals of the season

1. Oscar vs Juve

2. Hazard vs Man. utd

3. Luiz vs Fulham

4. Ba vs Man. city

5. Mata vs Man. utd (fk)

and for me Hazard's assist for mata's goal against the spuds is the best assist of the season :D

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So the videomakers will post the video they'll make here ? for the competition ?

Anyway, will we make a top ten of best goals or highlights of the season mixed with best goals ?

Yes. And it should be only goals. Not necessarily top ten.

Anyone other than BlueArmy interested?

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