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The PES Thread

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PES is better on PS2 than PS3 so if u have a PS2, buy PES, if u have a PS3, get Fifa because Fifa is shit on PS2.

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Here's some stuff for the PESoholics out there :)

The new screens show a variety of situations from within PES 2012 that have been bolstered by new animations, visual enhancements and control elements. The Tokyo-based team has worked hard to ensure PES 2012 is a more fluid and playable experience, with the jostling system used in last year’s game now enhanced to offer proper bodily contact and physical reactions, while close control and the team AI has been reworked to provide a more realistic recreation of real football.

PES 2012 gives the player total control, with dribbling now refined, while passing and build-up play are enhanced by AI that ensures teammates will make dummy runs and support the player with the ball.




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I'd choose this over FIFA any day of the week. The realism of the players just gets better every year, and so does the gameplay! Also Master League online has to be the best thing that they've added. It's such a bitch when you put a team together, and it's so hard to win games against other online players!! :lol:

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PES 11 Thread

32 Replies


FIFA 11 Thread

209 Replies


Market research.. TC style. :chai:

...your point being??

The number of replies in a thread on one forum doesn't determine the fact that FIFA is superior! :chai:

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I played PES (ISS pro, Winning 11) on old PSX until Pes10 last year and it was always a better game for me. When EA released Fifa12 I switched because it was simply better in those things I find important. Also, add to that that it's possible to mod Fifa now also :eyebrows:

But hey, if they make both games great, I'll play them both :)

@Tx it took you long enough to reply, over an hour XD

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PES used to be the better game during the PS2 days, but now FIFA has just taken over.


Discussion over.

@Tx it took you long enough to reply, over an hour XD

I'm usually doing multiple other things whilst surfing talk Chelsea, especially when in a discussion on other forums etc etc.

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Looks like it uses the same engine as the last 4 did. Guess I'll skip this one too.

From the looks of it. I hope they make the game look like real football rather then using some stupid and buggy animations. I hope they improve jostling and the shooting system the most and make the game feel more natural. I kinda expected PES11 to have some flaws because it was a huge gameplay change KONAMI did. Now, they need to put some more work into it, learn from their mistakes and try to deliver us a better game :)

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Real vids for Pes12 and some little news ;)

Improved atmosphere:


KONAMI hinted at this some month ago and now we can see the result. Moving camermen, fans wearing their team's shirts and a lot of other off the field stuff being animated.

More emotions:


The players are reacting extensively to what's happening on the field. While it may seem exaggerated at parts it's surely a great addition to the game.

Improved graphics

Another thing you can see on the Pique pic are the improved shirt details. The wrinkles and light effects on the shirt look a lot more realistic than in the 2011 edition.

The whole graphics have not been changed a lot, but what has been changed was certainly an improvement.


Can't say too much about the actual gameplay but what we can see in this video in terms of animations and ball phyiscs certainly does not look bad at all. There are some very interesting gameplay additions could be spotted in the trailer, like the France player holding up play cleverly before laying it off for the shot.

Off the ball runs were present in the video as well and looked quite impressive but it's too early for a prediction.

Better nets:


KONAMI got rid of the strange nets which have been there ever since next gen.

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