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  1. No reason in pumping any more money into trying to create a stellar front line when we are served that abysmal defence. Put prime Messi and Ronaldo into this line up and nothing would change, Chelsea's current defenders are total garbage. Soyuncu, Romagnoli and God knows what other towering defenders are out there, all I know from tonight on Chelsea must prioritise the defence otherwise we're going nowhere.
  2. Enjoying a cup of tea reading RedCafe takes this win to the next level, makes it even sweeter. Took their enthusiasm after the Sheffield United game from orgasmic levels to heroin addiction inflicted depression ones.
  3. I agree. And I also share the same view of our German residents of this forum, I believe he is the perfect hybrid between a centre forward and a false 9, I think he is more influential in that area of the pitch than on the wings or in a midfield 3. False 9/free roam 10 I believe suits him best.
  4. This guy Benrahma ouffff what a baller!! With the right guidance and a very solid mindset he could be a hell of a player. Usually these street football type of players have all the skills in the world, but the worst mental drive. Because they are ridiculously skilled and make a total mockery out of their opponents in 1v1s, they tend to get cocky and kind of stagnate. Imagine Benrahma's skills with C Ronaldo's mindset, drive... pfouuu.
  5. There is the likes of Zaha, Coutinho (and so many others) you could say that indeed 70-80M would be a total waste, which I agree with, but definitely not Havertz. Maybe inconsistent at times and his numbers are not Mbappe like, but his potential is immense, top 3 in the world if you ask me. He simply is in the mould of so many quality players you can't yet decide who he resembles best, there is so much of Zidane, Cruyff, Kaka in his game, even the way he comes into the box makes you think of all the greatest goalscoring midfielders like hopefully his soon to be manager Frank Lampard, ther
  6. Agree, it's now or bust, Chelsea's transfer ban coupled with the pandemic has probably put Chelsea in the driving seat in terms of how much money the club can spend and the salaries they can offer. Plus there are some salary spots that are going to be freed also with the Pedro, Willian exists. And frankly there is not that much of a competition, not necessarily for Havertz, but for any player. French clubs, bar Paris are irrelevant on the market, Juventus have taken a big hit, both Madrid and Barcelona I am sure will not do business this summer and will wait to balance things and United i
  7. I think Benrahma and Samuel Chukwueze would be two very good additions to the squad and they are probably available for decent amounts. Benrahma is a proper baller and if he can take his skills to the next level playing for a PL club, then I guess Chelsea could be in for a real bargain. Would not mind these two, actually I really hope Chelsea sign them both.
  8. If indeed the club is "all in" for Sancho as the media say, then I guess Frank plans a 4-2-3-1 for the next season with Sancho/Ziyech/Pulisic (Hudson-Odoi) behind the centre forward. I don't know for sure (how would I anyway?!), but I do not think the club bought Ziyech mainly for the RW, maybe he will play there in some big matches, but other than that he is going to be the number 10. Overall it looks good on paper, but it would be a big mistake if we are not in for a top left back and top centre forward, too. And I would add a very good centre back also. What is the point of having a t
  9. For the City case I understand the numbers are from 2012 to 2016 when allegedly City was way more attractive as a club than Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal and was making more money that these clubs through sponsorship deals, tickets, global merchandising and other business related stuff that let's be honest we all knew from the off that it was dodgy as fuck. And the same goes for Paris SG. The ban is the correct thing to do and should not be rescinded, financial malpractice is illegal every day of the week and City is totally guilty of it. In the end UEFA is a corrupt institution, t
  10. Next move should definitely be Timo Werner, that 50M release clause is peanuts for a player of that much quality already. Imagine Ziyech + Werner for 88M only, insane business. I truly believe Werner will have (for the clubs he will sign for) the same impact as Benzema and Aguero have had and still have for their clubs. Hopefully we're smart and ruthless and tap him already.
  11. I follow some cool websites dedicated to betting tips and predictions because there is nothing better than some insight on PL coming from England based fellas or Eredivisie insights coming from Dutch people and so on and so forth. Here is snip of what a Dutch guy said before tonight's Vitesse v Ajax: "So ajax with some VERY important players injured for this Clash. The most important one is Ziyech ( according to Ten Hag on his way back though ). Those who thought that Frenkie De Jong and De ligt were the leaders are totally wrong. Ziyech is their best player because nobody crea
  12. I want to say something related to Lampard's Chelsea being lucky they are fourth because others are having a bad season. Well, football and sports in general are made of this things. Maybe the Chiefs would not be SB champions had the Patriots had a normal season by their standards, maybe Liverpool was lucky to win the UCL last season because of Barcelona's debacle at Anfield, maybe Chelsea was lucky to win the title with Conte because others did not pose a threat all season long. Maybe, maybe, maybe. In the end you can find all the reasons in the world for a league winner why they
  13. Is there any club other than Chelsea FC that always makes dreadful/out of form/on a big losing streak teams look like world beaters all of a sudden and then the next game they instantly turn dog turd again? I mean I wonder who the hell is going to look like Messi in disguise at the Bridge this time? My guess is probably Lingard, Pereira or even Martial, these three are simply awful but then again Chelsea can make them look like Ballon d'Or contenders. This United now is hopeless but so is Arsenal this season and we could not beat them with a man down. This should be three easy poin
  14. Yes but the Cavani deal was way too complicated and as good as he is, was it worth it though? AS newspapers had an article on why the Atletico Madrid deal failed - the fee was 18M and his salary was 30M over the next two and a half years. That is 12M per year. Still his agents wanted a piece of that, too and their huge demands made Atletico back off from the deal. Good player but these numbers are way too much for a 33 yo centre forward. I mean that is Lewandowski in his prime type of salary. It is not like Chelsea is a January deal or two away from winning the UCL this season, all
  15. I am actually glad we get rejected for every supposed bid. Mertens or not, he's not going to be the decisive factor in our path to a top 4 finish, he is not that good, nor would Slimani be, or Piatek, or whatever fucker the media says we're in for. These are exactly the type of signings that have made clubs like Chelsea and United stagnate for the past years. Enough with Batshayi/Emerson/Drinkwater/Mertens/Slimani etc. type of signings, I would rather stay away from these fuckers and go big in the summer with some statement signings. If by August we'd still be in the same state as n
  16. My tune was always 'This is a transitional season' and I am going to stick by it. I agree to Frank Lampard - the players up front are not clinical enough. The reason why Liverpool is so good it is because their front three (Mane, Salah, Firmino) are a constant threat and always looks to find ways to shoot/score and on top of that two out of their three midfielders always find themselves in scoring positions, too. Lampard is right - to me it looks there is nobody up front, nor in midfield, that has that clinical finish. And honestly this 'Kante playing advanced' BS must stop s
  17. 33 in a month, but to me he has always looked like one of the fittest and most hard working centre forwards around, think he has still got at least this season and the next one at the very highest level. Would not mind this transfer to be fair.
  18. In the end it looks Chelsea have actually gained a point over the chasing pack as Spurs lost and United are on course to do so, but surely this match should have been three easy points as we've looked decent, not that good, but decent and especially Brighton was nothing special at all. But it is a work in progress and a transitional season and surely everything matters from next season on, hopefully this is the kind of match Frank learns from and same goes for Callum he should have burried that chance, but for sure it's a special season for him, too and can learn from it when frankly mistakes
  19. Thoroughly enjoyed this albeit I did not watch the first 20 mins. But from there on I saw Chelsea hiding the ball from Arsenal at the Emirates and Frank's in game adjustments were spot on. Glad to hear they have had some heated words at HT, means they care and they know they are better than that 1st half or the WH/Southampton matches.
  20. It was always going to be a rollercoaster of a season with some truly crap matches v poor opposition and some truly remarkable ones v top clubs. Chelsea have really looked very good v Liverpool and City and today's display v Spurs was really great, one of those matches where I did not break a single sweat in front of the TV, nor my heart rate went ballistic. Give the man time and at least 3-4 transfer windows and he'll take us back to the top. We just need a settled and solid defence and some extra top ballers and we are good to go.
  21. I don't. If you ask me I think we must buy two towering centre backs before doing any sort of deal. I was watching some experts talk about rotation and they all said 'If you want to rest players you always rest the midfielders or the attackers, back line always stays put no matter what'. Look at Klopp's last matches, he's rested every single midfielder and attacker, but never his defenders. Frank must build a very solid defence and then we're good to go. If you ask me Reece James should be the only actual defender starting next season, too. The left back should be a Chi
  22. Being a transitional season, I guess mistakes are allowed, at least it is how I see it. If this is the best season to introduce the young players then it's also, let's say, the season where, in theory, Frank and the guys get a free pass for their mistakes. And the truth is Frank must learn from matches like this and the one v West Ham. Two awful sides, I mean we've lost six points to two absolutely dreadful sides. I mean they showed a stat live on TV in the 42nd or 43rd minute today, Everton had like 90 passes to Chelsea's 350 or even more. 90 fucking touches at home and we lose to fucki
  23. It's either they are good or the Mancs are dog turd, no in between - Villa looked decent at OT, but we need a reaction here. The West Ham game was bad and it can't be worse than that.
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