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  1. I'm too fussed by it. Mark is definitely a great buy - an experienced back up goal keeper, and I'm sure he'll brush it off and move on! I'm just glad that this happened in pre-season rather than a league or CL match!
  2. I think this game was a good analysis that our defensive work needs to be improved upon. And I also agree with the point that our pressure when we don't have the ball needs to be looked at. But guess what its a pre-season game?! I'm not bothered by the result, although some Madrid fans think they've finally won the CL. The point of pre-season is getting fitness levels up, making partnerships in the team and trying different formations. Yes, it's a good wake up call that some problems need to be addressed - I would rather let players make mistakes in a pre-season rather than a PL or CL game. B
  3. Ah I see - very funny! Oh men can be easily fooled!! I'll leave that to Barbara!
  4. Oh really now?! Well I won't be posting my bikini photos on here!!
  5. Hahaha oh goodness. I'm going to take it that the dp's were innocent, friendly and lovey pictures then?!
  6. Ah thanks, will need to get the sexiest men thread up and running again!! Ouch I don't think they bite much!
  7. Hahaha, I have no idea who that could possibly be!! Please continue on that crazy day - change your profile pictures or go gif insane?!
  8. I was away due to personal reasons. But ignore Stingray, and tell me everything!! Cannot wait for the season to start!
  9. I know!! Although the blocked nose is a big pain in the back side for socialising!!
  10. Hello everyone, guess who's back @Barbara, oh gosh what happened to Sergio?!!!!
  11. I highly doubt Luiz, Oscar, Mata, Azpi or Torres will play in the Asia tour or at least have little involvement. The USA tour will probably be the majority of the first team! I'm just excited to see Jose back on the Chelsea bench!
  12. Yes, that was what I was highlighting, as I don't think Ramires would have meant to say that! Agreed.
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