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  1. YES!, WE DID IT but man did we look tired after 1-2. Anyway who cares now we won, and against loserpool, pure happy days
  2. The real CFC died the day he bought us. But your right its sad to think of CFC leaving the brigde, but has to be if we want top players, and be ready to compete with top clubs in the future.
  3. Some talented and gifted player just dont make it. Could he be one of them?.
  4. Intelligent answer from a man who call himself the devils advocate, i rest my case.
  5. Love or hate or superstition has jack shit to do with that upcoming final. Brain and tactics is the key, so we have already won.
  6. No thanks. there are better fish in the water, at the same prize target.
  7. Thats a really good signing dear little Roman and your board. He will be a top classic player here at CFC absolutely no doubt. By the way about (in)consistent has shit to do about age, only a kiddo would come with such bullshit.
  8. What the fuck is this?. Seriously at least make a deal with Ferrari or Mclaren.
  9. Would be a fantastic epic/iconic place to build our new home. But it will be very sad and emotinal to leave the Brigde. But sometimes you have to put your emotions away, it has to be if we want to follow the money road in modern top football, 40-41.000 is simply not enough.
  10. Well, we could recruit Drogba as a defender, it might work
  11. Forget Cisse, he could be a one (PL) season wonder?. I liked the face of little Roman yesterday, like he is thinking, shit no cl next season?. Well lets stay positive, we can win the finale if every man play the match of the century, anything less we will lose. Only good thing that could come out of a defeat is the beginning of something new, we will not have to wait another season. But still its weird we one a high now, but could end with nothing or WE CAN DO IT! :blue scalf: Who said: Naa cant do red!!!. Gallagher to Kvamm who tries to recruit him as a Silkeborg fan
  12. This is a game with a vengeance team. Still got the taste of the 1-0 defeat, yes humiliation please. On the other hand dont let us waste to much energy on those f...... If there is a club i wanna see relegated QPR
  13. I think our captain lost it under pressure, so what he is human and "born" to be hated outside our club, so dont let(down) us turn against him.
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