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  1. You are a fucking moron. That is actually a FACT, its not an insult per se.
  2. Do you think football is some kind of fucking charity? You have to be absolutley fucking retarded if you think that players arent and shouldnt be SELFISH. Its their fucking life and career at stake. Who are you sitting behind some fucking computer to dictate how people should act and think? Your worth is that as much of a little fucking ant. You're an idiot. People keep asking me why I insult people at this forum. How the fuck am I supposed to reply to a post this fucking retarded? Who gives a flying fuck about if you like him? I bet you call him a douchebag for reading some random bullshit
  3. You know...its funny. Sometimes when a person writes something it can feel like they know what they are talking about.Then they make a point. In your case "players who know hos to behave". But then you include Terry in that. Hes our captain and hes great but claiming Terry knows how to behave and luiz dont just proves how wrong you are. People like u are so ignorant.
  4. Sorry but ignorance and retardness pisses me off
  5. And why the fuck would u rather keep salah than getting lavezzi?Please do explain this will be interesting.
  6. Do I even have to fucking explain? I highlighted the part which I think is the most stuipid thing Ive read here.You think we should get rid of lukaku because "he cannot score against algeria." Plus even thinking swapping 3 players for one is laughable. This isnt FIFA...its reality so be realistic.
  7. Nothing personal, but that is one of the most retarded things Ive ever read here.
  8. Would be one of the most stuipid transferdeals ever made by this club.
  9. 18m for this guy would be fucking awesome. Why are people here against having more quality in more positions? Do you remember how we play when hazard isnt on the pitch or when he doesnt perform like he usually does?
  10. He's not amazing at ANYTHING except screwing up. You might want to buy a pair of glasses.
  11. I sure hope Ramires will be sold in an eyeblink if Modric would be part in the deal. Turning down that would be....really dumb.
  12. Cech Azpi - Cahill - JT - Luis Fabregas - Matic Willian - Schurrle - Hazard Lukaku Oh, I forgot.."he's not ready". Would love to see something like this, especially against lower teams.
  13. Send Torres to the reserves IF we cannot sell him and play costa lukaku and whoever is gonna be third.
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