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  1. This kid is gonna be a super star, had an impressive game tonight cant wait to see him tearing apart the EPL
  2. I thought this was a KDB thread???
  3. Im sceptical abt him to say the least, but surely he cant be worse than Torres or Shevchenko??? Think we have a strong squad which justs needs a ball playing DM or CM if only Josh was fully developed he would have been an internal solution
  4. This guy owes us a lot the least he can do is score 25+ goals this season we have been behind him for 2 and half yrs abt time he comes good
  5. Rumours say his about to get a contract extension, abt time it happened
  6. Modric and Scholes did well without being great defenders..
  7. Looks like his bulked up a bit, would send him to palace or Fulham for 6 months and see but I believe his better than Van Ginkel or even Nath..
  8. Im impressed by his English the guy could barely speak it when he arrived I remember one of his first BBC interviews frm last season, cant wait for the season to start and see this guy already..
  9. Good thing abt his extension is that Spurs wont get him
  10. I think now would be a perfect time to give Mata that contract extension
  11. He looked sharper than he has been in a while
  12. Gotta give it to Man Utd for sure the freaked the fuck out of me, I can imagine what it would have done to Mata and Luiz
  13. yes chelsea have officially denied offering Mata and Luiz
  14. I think its united trying to unsettle our players after our squad recently talked up RooneyThats the only logical reason
  15. Fuck Rooney if it means losing Mata or Luiz
  16. Think this kid is gonna do wonders
  17. I think one of Josh or Chalobah wont go out on loan so as to make up the English numbers in the squad because of the Schwazer and Hilario resigning..
  18. I thought he was havin surgery on his elbow which would keep him out till August??
  19. I wasnt the biggest fan of the Schurrle signing but looks like he has passion for CFC I like that in players hope he can translate it onto the pitch
  20. I agree one more season then will see from there
  21. I know his a club legend but there comes a time where the baggage becomes to much for the reputation of a club. We need to improve our PR and with JT around there is always something. I'm sure Rafa was tasked with that job specifically of phasing him out slowly
  22. I absolutely love JT #nohomo but I think its time to let him go. Just as we are free of any controversy he pops up with another. His got to much baggage in my opinion for what he can now contribute on the pitch. I hope we dont renew his contract.
  23. its official http://www.chelseafc.com/news-article/article/3233254/title/chelsea-sign-mark-schwarzer
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