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  1. 9 points clear, rivals dropped points, I'll take it. Obviously no major marquee signings coming in at the deadline but some depth needed. Hopefully the missed penalty stings Costa and he comes back a possessed beast next match!
  2. Just give Antonio a contract for life. I'm over the moon with the way he has handled buisness. From the players, staff and media, this club has the look and feel of a family and what a statement by Conte's men today in the face of fake news attempts by fan boy journalists of other clubs trying desperately to unsettle them. Media took a fat L today.
  3. National Team merchant.
  4. With Leicester up next I could see Conte not wanting to take risks and just throw that same bunch out there yet again praying Fab can save his ass with 5 minutes to go again.
  5. Backpedal Gary, Captain of England lol. British pundits like Neville give Luiz stick but not a peep out of them about Cahill. Must give Courtois sleepless nights.
  6. Opponents don't fear him in attack. Give him acres of space because they know his crosses are shit. Can't buy Conte's excuse that Alonso was a week away from being ready. That's bullshit.
  7. He sure was quick to tweet his excitement for a team Brazil call up right after that loss. He wants to emulate Lampard and isn't fit to tie Lamp's shoes. He's better fitted for Serie A.
  8. Fab has been a total professional and it boggles my mind why the guy who created more chances than all of Swansea in his limited minutes can't start in a midfield of Kante and Oscar.
  9. If you want Eden Hazard to stay it's signings like James Rodriguez that will help. Not the fricking Marcos Alonsos of the world. Roman would do it if James is down. For reporters to say he wouldn't is bullcrap. Roman lives for splashy signings like this. Don't even start with "where does he fit in or well so and so would have to be benched but won't like it" because it wasn't that many years ago that Chelsea had literally two starting elevens that could win the league which is what you need if you want to call yourself a "big club" or just keep signing ideal Stoke type signings and hope Conte
  10. Welcome back Geezer! Your penalty kick against Bayern lives forever in my mind..legend. Luiz may be unpredictable but he's passionate and leaves it all on the pitch. Welcome back David.
  11. Bottom line in all this is the board yet again didn't get their window of need sorted out and have to dig through the pile that Stoke and Hull dig through to get players in. Conte needs a heart to heart with Roman about ditching the imbociles handling transfers.
  12. low risk high reward. I can say that about Jay Desilva coming in.
  13. For fucks sake, Nathan Ake was loaned out for this fucking guy?
  14. Fans can call it an improvement but to me that's just because this back four is starved of bodies at this point. The club has lost any leverage bargaining finishing where they did and to get back to greatness meant paying the buyout clauses but instead the board for a second year running waits until the last minute for another panic buy! A player Conte never planned on buying and instead has to figure out how to get the best out of him because Emenalo likes birthday parties and wants Conte to give him a f%cking magic show
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