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  1. An excellent work done by a team over at http://blog.emiratesstadium.info An article that reviews most of the chelsea games from last season and shows the referees who gave decisions in favor of our team and against us!!! Not a surprise that Phil Dowd ranks atop the list of negative bias Read the below link for the complete article: http://blog.emirates...archives/23006? Source: http://blog.emiratesstadium.info
  2. Hmm.. I was totally blown away by the Hulk youtube compilations... i was so eager for him to join chelsea i bought tickets for the Bra vs Arg game last weekend and watched the game.. My first live game and was totally blown away by ... not Hulk.. but Messi !! Superb hattrick from him.. just WOW... anyways back to topic.. Hulk though he scored a goal off a corner.. was made to look very average by Zabaleta !!! He did not dribble past him even once.. Got 2 one on one chances and blew them both... Maybe it was just a off day and he failed to turn up.. or maybe it was a friendly and he wanted to
  3. I know its absurd to even think about having statues of club legends who are still palying... But if ever Chelsea decided to have one, it should be Lamps above Drogs... Stats don't lie.. He has been our most consistent player EVER. Goals, Assists - You name it, hes got it. Big game player, small game player if there was anything like that , rarely missed games until a season ago, super fit super frankie. A consummate professional. I know us fans will have a lot of differing opinions. But for me Lamps is above Drogs and JT.
  4. ^^ He plays for Porto :/ Im sure they will rip us asking another 30+ million for him.... NO MORE DEALS with Porto pls...
  5. But unfortunately it looks like the club is going to let both Flo Mo and Essien run down their contracts by next summer. There have been no talks of a new deal and more likely than not, our Club for some strange reason prefer letting players go for free than get at least a small amount !!!
  6. If we are to get both Hulk and Hazard, we have to remember that we would be having a major share of possession (at least 60 to 70%) as the attacking team against most of the opposition in EPL (bar Arsenal, ManU and ManC)... And as the attacking team, I do not think we would need a true DM to provide us a shield. If Rami pushes up, David Luiz or Cahill would be stepping up alongside Mikel to form a back 3.. And i guess we would be having a high defensive shield (i know it does not suit JT) if we are to be a super attacking team. My starting 11 in EPL would be one of the following (not mentionin
  7. Think it will be the Drogs... As long as he is up for it.. Has played uncharacteristically for the last 2 games..
  8. Meireles for me... Ran the show if you asked me more than Lamps or Romeu.. Superb vision to release the final pass and was constantly moving off the ball. Torres and Romeu closed 2nd and 3rd... Surprisingly, did not see Luiz making a lot of runs upfield which I thought he would with Genk as our opposition.
  9. I understand why certain supporter's would be against the idea of moving. Maybe if i were born and brought up in London visiting matches on a weekly basis from the Shed End, I may have that affection towards Stamford Bridge as well. But since I have been following the club from afar for more than a good 10 years, I do not maybe realize that special bond towards our current stadium. To me it is high time we moved to a bigger and better stadium. Of course, they would need to take fan's feedback through every part of the new plan. Like Bruce Buck said, we are potentially missing out on 35m+ poun
  10. we definitely need 1 more ball-handler... a la Silva, Mata who can run with the ball and keep possession in tight spaces... such players are at a premium though and only a few exist in lower leagues.. Hazard, Goetze, Marin.. etc.. Also, would love to see a genuine crosser on the right wing.. Krasic would have been good, but hes 27 already.. need to look at some one younger..
  11. Ramires should be involved in lot of our attacks. But still can't see who is gonna deliver that quick release of ball from Midfield to Attack. Hope Lamps has a great day on field today !!!! Poor guy has been bashed a lot over the past 2 weeks too harshly by the media. Would love to see him score from one of those trademark late runs into the box...
  12. both those veetle links aint working for me... got any other working links guys ?!?!
  13. Bertrand: Was solid. Nothing spectacular. There were a couple of times when he eased off from making the forward runs you had expect Ashley to make behind the opposition defense. Should have squared the ball to lukaku instead of shooting at goal. Has a good cross in him. Overall, average but definitely reliable. Lukaku: Showed his physical presence at times by bullying the fulham defenders. Positional awareness was good. Crossing was terrible (i know he is not a winger, but over hit 2 crosses when under absolutely no pressure. Could be fatigue though) Good at running with the ball on counter
  14. Yes, he is going to give away the odd penalty. Yes, he will give away silly freekicks. He is definitely not what you would call a solid English CB and will never be. But what he does guarantee you is that with him in the side you are more likely to win than lose a game. His energy, passion and forward forays are something that is absolutely needed in a team these days. That one extra man all of sudden during open play in the final third can make all the difference. I had rather have him in my first team as a CB than as a DM.
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