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  1. Hazard is named vice-captain for Belgium by trainer Wilmots. Kompany remains captain, but Hazard is suprisingly named vice-captain. Wilmots wants to give more responsibilities to him in the national team. This Sunday, Belgium plays France in a friendly for which Kompany is banned. If Hazard plays, it will be his first time as captain. (Sporza.be)
  2. Who speaks the truth? Manager or player? We don't know. Most of the times the truth is somewhere in the middle. All of this doesn't really matter anymore I think. He's gone, he's happy, and we are happy... let's all be happy Let's focus on the present and the ones who are still here... Torres for example
  3. No, he doesn't mean that... He probably meant 'given about 1/10th of chances Torres keeps on getting' ... that should be enough to prove himself Nah, given chances...sorry, but no: that's not true. How many competitive minutes did he play in the Chelsea shirt? Not many... It's another story about his request to leave: he probably would have gotten chances, but he didn't wait for them. Could you hold that against him? I don't. The only thing i do hold against him is his communication.
  4. What do you guys expect from Didier this season? Obviously he's a legend for the club and he will be great for the lockerroom & the mental aspect. Hopefully Lukaku stays so he can pick up a lot from him( both mentally as technically). But what do you still expect from Didier on the pitch? He's 36y old afterall
  5. Huge season for him indeed. While he has been putting up great numbers before, we still want him to take more initiative. With the addition of Cesc and Costa his numbers should improve even more and hopefully it gives him a boost to go even further. If that doesn't happen this season, than it might never will. (note: even if that's the case, he still remains a great player) It's just a mindset: the talent and ability is there. In any case: exciting season coming up and can't wait to see him play with his new teammates.
  6. Whatever the choice, the media will love this story. Goalkeepers sometimes make mistakes: it happens, sooner or later. At that point all camera's to the bench, tough interviews after the game, long articles on how bad the choice was. Chances are high it will affect the players. My choice would have been to make a choice before the season starts and let go one goalkeeper. Now, it's stated that we will have two great goalies and we can't loose... but to be honest I'm afraid of this situation: it will come down to how the players, manager and the entire club will handle the pressure from the medi
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