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  1. not disagreeing with you, but not so sure we gona remain with just those players for the attacking 3 for next season(S)!
  2. So we are going to need a RW to cover for Salah? I have one in mind!
  3. This will be too good to actually happen so I'm a non believer!
  5. Yes i've seen him play, not too many times. I think heis good players but ofcourse everyone has an opinion. And not singleone of all of theese here opinions have any sort of value or would be significant to anyone really. Theese sort of discussions for who to sighn, who would be best fit,are pointless for me personally. All of us here are just fans we know absolutlly nothing about transfers. So many people are so ignorant its just so funny at times. Just because you watched a couplle of matches, or youtube clips or played fifa or fm, and then to think you know something it's just silly. We h
  6. Don't wanna get my hopes up but please be true!
  7. Got another one for you - a young Gary Oldman!
  8. Such a good read, about the truth!!!
  9. I think it's a complicated situation! similliar to the Bertrand Traore one!!!
  10. I'm a big big fan of the show. Even before the show started. I knew it's going to be a huge hit for me personally. Mathew fully deserves the Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club. And also in this role he's also outstanding!!! For me he is the best actor this year, in everything he has performed! .
  11. Just a joke mate! And I thought you were the one who was complaining of the lack of humor around here!!!
  12. or Marko Salah or even better Victor Salah!!!
  13. ??? The next meeting for the comunity shield 2014-2015 will be different! And it's better to be beaten by city and go out of the competion than to be beaten by fuckin' Swansea!!
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