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  1. It's petty from both sides tbh. Normally a mutual agreement is reached and both parties meet somewhere in the middle. According to reports Conte is demanding his full compensation and refusing any type of deal. Conte isn't blameless in this. I'm sure some people will say Conte has a right to demand his full compensation and just fighting for what's his but you could flip that around and apply that to the club aswell. Doing their best to bring down the cost to have more money to spend on transfers.
  2. He's not Sarri's agent. Alessandro Pellegrini is. https://www.transfermarkt.com/alessandro-pellegrini/beraterfirma/berater/4510 Giuseppe Accardi is an agent so maybe he has some information. We'll see.
  3. Fair enough on 16/17 although like you said yourself not quite on the Pep Sarri Klopp level. It was more of a direct type of football and we still heavily adapted when we faced the bigger teams in the league. Also under Mourinho we only really played well for half a season. Before Mourinho 2.0 it also was pretty meh. RDM tried but couldn't get the balance right and with Benitez there was a decent structure to our play but nothing stand out about it. That's probably what i'm looking forward to the most If/when Sarri comes. That we'd actually try to attack, try to play out
  4. When AVB came the old guard were already declining. While the attempt at switching styles didn't help let's not put all the blame solely on that. The old guard were already declining and the investment in the squad wasn't the same as it had been in the very beginning of the Roman Abramovich era. "You think we will play ball against Barca or City and win at their own game if we meet under Sarri?" It really isn't as impossible as you're making it seem. These teams aren't invincible. As good as they are they also don't like it when you push back. When you press them high up the pi
  5. Would say a CB, a nr 6 deep playmaker are priority. A third CM and an upgrade on the RW would be welcome to. Striker, maybe. The striker position is a bit of a head scratcher for me. On the one hand i feel like Morata could improve. In a more attacking sytem he could be better but on the other hand what if he doesn't improve and the Morata we've seen this season is the one we get next season... That would be a big problem. No matter how good we'd play if your striker is missing easy chances and falling to the floor you're not gonna win a lot of games. The thing though there aren
  6. Azpi isn't a cb, Cahill isn't a ball playing cb, David Luiz is heavily rumoured to be on his way out. That would leave us with just Rudiger and Christensen. A third ball playing cb would be a must. Manolas and Rugani seem to be our main targets for the cb position but i don't expect us to buy them both. It's probably going to be 1 or the other. I've watched a number of full games from Napoli, read articles and yt vids about Sarri's tactics. The cb's are really important. Them along with the nr 6 deep playmaker are the foundation of his team. They are responsible for the dist
  7. Gotta disagree with you. Those tough and big characters were the reason AVB failed here. They were all set in their ways and resisted the change making it impossible for AVB to change our way of playing. We then ended up hiring pragmatic managers while we had bought technical players that suited a more attacking possession based approach. The club doesn't need strong, loyal and never give up players. The club's mistake hasn't been that we tried to change our playing style. It's that we didn't fully commit to that change. We found ourselves between two opposite styles a
  8. Yeah agree about Pedro. He really needs a strong system. Regarding the RW position i'd say we need a more direct (both on and off the ball) player on that position. Looking at Napoli under Sarri their left side plays very different from their right side. Insigne constantly moves inside the half spaces while Ghoulam provides the width and attacks the space in the wide area and Hamsik will link up with Insigne and make a lot of forward runs. On the other side it's different. Hysay doesn't push forward as much, Allan doesn't make many forward runs either that means that Callejon has to
  9. The number 6 role (at the base of a 3 man midfield) isn't a good role for him imo. It limits him too much. He needs to have some freedom to get stuck in all over the pitch. Sarri's system would be perfect since it relies on a deep playmaker on the 6 and a more attacking CM and a more defensive one. Kante would be perfect as the defensive one.
  10. Martinez and Lukaku said in interview afterwards he's okay just a knock. It wasn't a thigh injury. One of Costa Rica players tackled him and caught him with his studs just below the knee/above the shinn protectors. Hopefully it's nothing, he's in great form atm, best player on the pitch by a country mile tonight and in the last 3 games. EDIT : Compilation of his game tonight. The tackle is at 10:44
  11. A player making a single comment at the very end of the season stating we need to strenghten the squad vs a manager constantly complaining about the squad in the middle of the season while we were fighting for a top 4 spot. The timing and the amount of times makes a big difference. If Conte had just said it once it would have been fine but he just kept saying the same shit over and over again. After the 4-5th time it was "okay we get it, now get on with it". I'd rather have a manager ,being paid millions to do his fucking job, not act like a 5 year old.
  12. Could we stop with this nonsense of player power being the reason for Conte failing ? Conte brought this on himself by acting like a freaking 5 year old throwing a fit because he didn't get what he wanted in January. What exactly did he expect would happen when he was constantly bitching about the board and saying stuff like "i've gotten the maximum out of this group of players" while we were in the middle of fighting for a top 4 spot. For a supposed winner he was quite eager and happy to throw in the towel this season. So can we stop with the pity for Conte crap ? It's driving my n
  13. I never said Conte had complete control just that he does have a clear hand in our transfer targets. Regarding the Rudiger link all i'm finding is some reports quoting his agent claiming we showed interest but there aren't any reliable outlets reporting us actually making a bid. Emerson had a significant knee injury and we all know Conte is extremely cautious with players who've been injured. Emerson played that little because he was considered a squad player by Conte and he only came in the january transfer window. Zappacosta has 1000 + minutes because he was bough in the su
  14. Yeah people just need to take a quick look at the amount of players we signed who played in Italy or are Italian in the 2 years Conte was manager to realize Conte had a clear hand in our transfer targets. Rudiger, Zappacosta, Emerson, Alonso and while we got Luiz and Kante our first choices were Koulibaly and Nainggolan. Nainggolan rejected us (https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/radja-nainggolan-says-he-rejected-chelsea-because-he-would-not-give-up-perfect-life-in-rome-for-a3777761.html) ADL rejected our £58 million bid (https://www.football-italia.net/92528/adl-chelsea-
  15. The remainder of his contract is "only" 3 million euros though (1.5 million a year 2year contract).
  16. I did some digging and found this. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2016/jul/08/marcelo-bielsa-resigns-as-lazio-manager-after-just-two-days Apparently 2 years ago Bielsa resigned after 2 days at Lazio. There seems to be some articles saying Lazio wanted to sue Bielsa for 50 million but there's no info on whether they actually did. So it does seem possible that Sarri could just resign. Napoli would probably sue him to get some compensation. Edit: unless ofcourse there's a specific clause in the contract stating a fixed amount if there's a unilateral breach of contract.
  17. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the english media regarding this managerial situation. They seems absolutely clueless about what's going on. All the news that has come has been from the italian media.
  18. Yeah problem is it doesn't seem like he's backing down. “I don’t give anyone discounts and no-one has called me about the clause in Sarri’s contract. This was a clause put in his contract when it was renewed and his salary increased - so now it is going to be paid. “I have to defend our fans. The clause defends my choices. “When I modify a contract, it is with agreement. I inserted the clause, and it has to be honoured. Now the clause is not valid? I don’t like this one-sided idea.”
  19. I can understand our side though. Sarri is on 1.5 million euros a year. He has 2 years on his contract. That means the value of the contract is 3 million. ADL is asking 8 million while he already hired another manager.
  20. "Meeting Chelsea in the afternoon. Question manager is the first argument. Tomorrow last day for Sarri's clause, but it may be after 31 May" The first bit is the most confusing. Meeting between who ? The board ? Chelsea-Napoli ? it's clear it's a meeting about the manager situation. Then the last bit. Tomorrow is the last day for Sarri's clause but it may be after 31 may that it gets resolved. That's my take on it atleast
  21. https://spielverlagerung.com/2016/04/08/team-analysis-napoli/ Found this article. Goes more in to detail about how Napoli play the way they do.
  22. But keeping Conte will solve it ? I think it's just as daft to actually want Conte to stay after this poor season. Quite frankjly he's burned that bridge himself by constantly bitching, moaning and sulking about the board. Second part of the season did Conte actually look like he wanted to be here ? "Roman doesn't want to invest more money? Then don't do it. Come up front and show some support to Conte, see if he wants to continue and keep him. Inform him that these are the conditions and he needs to get the best out of what he has available at this point." You r
  23. What Special juan said "Conte had every right to be pissed but he spoke too publicly about it far too often." Also he was backed in the Costa case. We sold Costa. We could have just as easily told Conte to bugger off or simply tell him to get over it and keep Costa. I don't think the players commitment this season was the major factor that made the difference between last season and this season. This season we lost 2 starters and their replacements simply haven't been as good. and like i said before the back 3 system was found out this season and Conte didn't ha
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