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  1. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/chelsea-tv/press-conference Livestream press conference Sarri
  2. If Allison deal doesn't happen maybe Navas ? Can't imagine him being happy being second choice at Madrid.
  3. He's staying. He'll be a valuable player coming off the bench and honestly what team is going to pay him the wages he's earning now ?
  4. Maybe i'm reading to much into it but the "if they want to let me go" part does seem to indicate that he isn't going to push for a deal and is putting the decision in our hands.
  5. So you've got some inside information now do you ?
  6. I'm with you on that but i'm just saying we don't now what happened behind the scenes and what happened between Conte and the players behind the scenes.
  7. I think he retweeted that" Conte's gone " message at the top of the list. I think people need to also consider this, what if Conte was the "cunt". We don't know what went on. It's pretty clear Conte has clashed with a number of players.
  8. Just swap his cigaretts with weed. Practice should be fun.
  9. Jorginho would be a big sign of intent from the board. The type of player he is, the quality he has, the fact we'd have beaten City to his signature. With Sarri coming in and the signings we seem to be lining up it doesn't make sense to sell him. Even if Real or Barca come in i'd tell them to fuck off if i was the board. Just do whatever it takes to get him to resign.
  10. Wasn't Callejon more of a winger though ? Not 100 % sure though but i though he was more of a winger type player. Would be my first choice if we buy someone. Seems to fit that winger type of mold. He's also still young. Also he's jamaican so he's gonna be able to hook us up to some good sh*t aswell Yeah agreed. I think it's important that there's a good balance in terms of off the ball movement. Conte preferred Pedro over Willian in Conte's first season primarily because he wanted that balance. We all know Hazard doesn't make a lot of runs in behind, although he has impro
  11. Isn't he more of a 10 ? I think we need someone on the RW that's going to make a lot of off the ball runs in behind the defence. Kinda like an upgraded Pedro.
  12. Followed Chelsea before Hazard was a Chelsea player, to be fair wasn't as active as i am now but that also has a lot to do with me only starting to really love watching football at a later age. Changing reality lol. Wow really. Okay off the top of my head. Willian skied over after a pull back from Hazard against Atletico, Fabregas couldn't sort out his feet against Atletico, Fabregas missed after Hazard back heeled it against Arsenal while dropping 3 Arsenal players to the floor, Hazard put Willian 1 on 1 against the goalkeeper against West Ham, Giroud in one of his fir
  13. You're welcome maybe next time don't reply to me with fanboy and Hazard FC crap and i might drop the condescension. You're moving the goalposts now aren't you. Now suddenly Hazard is more then a dribbler even though you posted 2 twitter idiots stating Hazard was just a dribbler. Hazard influences games even without scoring or assisting and that's what you fail to understand. If Hazard goes past 2 players and then draws 3 more towards him that's 5 players tht aren't able to mark anyone else. Hazard opens up space for other players by going past players and attracting oth
  14. End product doesn't mean just goals and assists. Hazard creates a sh*t ton of chances. Not his fault they get missed all the time.
  15. Nice straw man argument never said he was the best player in the world also even if i had still a big difference between that and labeling Hazard as "just a dribbler" and before you try and weasel your way out you didn't say it outright but you're clearly implying it. I'm trying not to reply but you're making it hard because you keep posting such stupid things. If and when i put people on my ignore list i'll decide thanks for the suggestion though very thoughtfull. I try to give people plenty of chances you are making it very hard though. Quick question you think Ronaldo would have
  16. Someone who can't appreciate a proper baller like Hazard, doesn't understand the game of football and isn't worth talking to, so bye.
  17. Yeah yeah little robbie not really sure what you're trying to proof with tht twitter post. plenty of fucktards on twitter, congrats you're one of them So now suddenly Hazard doesn't create chances, like really ? Hahaha Again none of his attacking teammates showed up. France with 11 behind the ball and if Hazard wanted the ball he had to drop deep. Difficult to create when there's 11 french players between you and the goal and the rest of your attacking teammates are playing like shit. Like i said before though what's the point discussing things with you. Can't seem
  18. What a load of rubbish. Not suprising it's coming from you. Hazard was the only attacking player that bothered to show up. He couldn't directly influence the game because he had to do KDB's job. Hazard had to drop deep to pick up the ball. Difficult to score when the moment you get the ball there's 11 french players between you and the goal and KDB-Lukaku too busy playing hide and seek.
  19. I don't know. It's a possibility imo although i would agree that a 4-3-3 with Hazard as a LW seems more likely. I think the 3-5-2 worked for a while with Hazard as a second striker/nr 10. I think the problem was that teams started playing a lot more narrow and compact against us . Most teams would play in a very narrow and deep 5-4-1 or 5-3-2. It just made it difficult to get Hazard on the ball and if he did get the ball he was isolated surrounded by opponents and the only close support he had behind him (Bakayoko, Kante) with both wingbacks too far away too really link up with and
  20. Belgiannutt


    Cmon DYC. 50-60 million for Wilian add another 20 million from our own money. You're telling me we can't find a RW that can score more then 8 goals in the league and actually be productive in the final third for 70-80 million ?
  21. Golovin isn't a deep playmaker at all. He's a runner, dribbler. An attacking palyer that works hard both sides of the field. The Hamsik role probably although could also play as a LW,LM in a 4-2-3-1 with Hazard then as a 10. Can't imagine us not going for a deep playmaker. That position is absolutely vital for the Sarri system to work. Agree. I just don't see it with RLC. He looks like a nothing player. He's tall, strong, fast and technically sound but none of that actually gets put to use as an actual quality, as something that he offers the team consistently. He doesn't h
  22. Belgiannutt


    Couple of reasons why selling Willian makes sense. 1 Considering our 1 in 1 out policy and the reluctance to spend big without bringing any money in. If we want a quality RW we're gonna have to raise some money to do that. There's no way we're going to spend 70-80 million unless we get 50-60 million for a player. 2 Willian really isn't as good as some people on here think he is. 30 years old in august and never scored more then 8 goals in the league. EVER. He's just so frustrating in the final third. I really don't know what it is but it's like he goes completely braind
  23. A good passer as our DM is needed but without 2 ball playing cb's it would be pointless. Teams would just mark the playmaker and we'd be screwed. If you've got 2 ball playing cb's and a playmaker manmarking doesn't work.
  24. The quoted price is 25 million and he isn't a right winger. He's an attacking centre mid. Will probably play next to Kante with a deep playmaker behind them in a midfield 3 (if we sign him )
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