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  1. Boateng already played some games as a striker, so it's not like he's playing his first game ever there. Szalai can't really create anything for himself, and Boateng got some good dribbling skills, so it might be better to play him in a game like this, where they probably won't have many chances.
  2. Nah, he's not that good, definitely not on Boateng's level.
  3. I think Luiz was terrible tbh. Edit: Maybe not terrible, but definitely not MotM close for me.
  4. Imposters acting as MU representatives in Spain, :lol2: :lol2:
  5. He was substituted for Terry.
  6. Actually, that was a straight red, not even a yellow.
  7. Little correction, there was never a talk about him starting ahead of Drogba. During the trainings before the CL final, he was consantly trained on the wing, where eventually Bertrand was used.
  8. Interesting read, but it made me think about something. If Cole had followed the advice, and shot his penalty towards his left side, MU probably would have never found about our strategy. Because after Kalou, not 5, as it says in the article, but every, all 6 of our penalties went to the same side, so that must be what made VdS aware something is up. Obviously he couldn't have known our real tactics, so he just probably thought our strategy is to always shoot to his left side. Had Cole chosen his unnatural side, VdS may not not have realised something is up, and the result could have been dif
  9. Mignolet, Mingolet points everywhere!
  10. Had Cazorla in from the day of the launch, but now I last-minute changed him to Walcott. Now watch Cazorla netting 2, while Walcott getting subbed off in the 59th minute..
  11. Yeah, that scenario would suck. And since we're talking about Fantasy Football, it's pretty much guaranteed it will happen.
  12. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Although I'm not sure Amorabieta will play, but whatever, if he won't, Garrido will just get subbed in automatically.
  13. I am all set and ready except one thing, I can't decide which team is more likely to keep a cleansheet, Norwich at home against Everton, or Fulham away at Sunderland?
  14. Wait, Samsung is one of our main sponsors, but they still use iPads?
  15. For the millionth time, only Azpi was called up.
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