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  1. The club needs to sign a manager for the long term. It creates team stability. Newcastle could of sacked Pardew but they didn't and they should now be safe from relegation. If they sacked him it could of been a different story.
  2. Bring in a young striker or two or an emerging talent! Lets not blow the budget on this! Newcastle is a prime example where you dont have to spend a fortune to find a quality striker or two.
  3. Looking forward to the MLS Allstar game! Cant wait to show the Americans how football is actully played
  4. Fair enough.. I still dont rate them to highly.. They may be good but there are better places to poach players from.
  5. Why arn't they playing in the EURO if they have so many quality players in just about every position?
  6. How about we do our own scouting like Newcastle have done to find our own little gem for a 10th of a price. And if he doesnt perform its not like we have spent our life savings on him. Look at Carrol for expample.. 35 mil for what? he's pony tail maybe?
  7. While we are at it we should sign Ba as well, And Cisse, actually why not just hire Alan Pardew as our manager.
  8. The wheels on the bus go round and round! (parking the bus - our style of play)
  9. Because we are still mourning the loss of Drogba
  10. It was our defenders and keeper that won us the champions league.. Simple
  11. If we were keen on him he would need to pass our medical first.. An honest assessment of he's knee will probably see him fail.. This is where clubs that may be interested Need to way up if it's worth the risk
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