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  1. lmao, how'd that go in?!? also just before that...i'm presuming that was alonso with the free kick off the crossbar?!
  2. terrible defending conceding that goal...was hoping for the wins record, but will have to settle for champions i s'pose, haha
  3. when bats scored..."33 million pounds has just been repaid!"
  4. over/under on stoppage time? i'd handicap it at 4 mins as my guess (not that it should be 4 mins).
  5. west brom not sitting back so much...maybe this can put some gaps in their defense
  6. and not even a foul call, rofl...guess this is foul-hazard-as-you-wish day
  7. So apparently West Brom keeps the least possession out of all teams in the prem if my recollection of a list I read yesterday is correct.
  8. looking good so far...sadly costa's been a possession black hole. just need him to be a fox in the box today perhaps.
  9. man, if hammers could've capitalized on that late chance could've also helped the goal difference just in case! in any case, great result!
  10. should've easily been a red card on lloris...took out the man who was otherwise thru on goal denying a clear goal scoring opportunity
  11. Just curious, why would they park the bus? They absolutely need to win.
  12. Not only are arsenal useless, but we have some pretty tough fixture congestion to close out the season. We play May 8th, 12th, and 15th. Compare that to spurs, who play May 5th, 14th, 18th. At least the spurs get less rest for the 21st, but if it's coming down to the last day then it means things have gone horribly wrong in the fixtures before. Fully expect them to win 13 in a row. Who's gonna stop them, west ham? A depleted man u squad? Up to us and us only. Think it's gonna be a tough scrap against middlesbrough. They're fighting for their premier league lives. Thank god
  13. what is this...9 wins in a row for spurs?
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