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  1. so what did the pundits say about the first goal? did they agree it should stand or not?
  2. if the point of starting matic is to be defensively responsible and not get overrun...well, we were overrun anyway but without any of cesc's creativity.
  3. gutted...moses needs to be sold. such selfishness, my word. why dive? he wasn't clipped which means he had beat his man...so no need to go down. he also had a man wide open at the top of the area (don't know who, was watching from a few feet away with no sound). what the fuck were you thinking, moses?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  4. and yet as much as we've been outplayed, the difference was still a goal that shouldn't have counted...just to rub it in even more
  5. i feel like somebody needs to be fired for this performance today...i'm at a loss for words.
  6. i know i said i was pessimistic but come fucking on, i thought we would hold on for longer than that. fuck off.
  7. amazing...still pessimistic sadly...13 minutes in regular time, another 30 in extra time if it gets to that...all while down a man. not going to be easy.
  8. absolute embarrassment of a game...no words.
  9. fuck off, moses...u had options...fuck did u dive for?!?
  10. absolutely concur...we've been battered. still, the one goal we actually did concede should not have stood.
  11. would be ridiculous if both cups are decided by dodgy goals. man u wins the league cup because of an incorrectly ruled off-side goal that was on...and we lose the fa cup because of an incorrectly ruled on-side goal that was off.
  12. who was that who slipped after that sloppy pass from an arsenal player that would've put us thru on goal just about?!
  13. credit to arsenal...every time we get around their area, they force us out wide and we haven't put a single incisive ball across the face of goal
  14. wow...i thought costa missed, that was saved
  15. finally a moment of weak defending from arsenal...shame we couldn't capitalise
  16. their defense doesn't matter if we can't get the ball...it's like 80/20 possession for arsenal right now
  17. shocking defending from us but that should have never been a fucking goal
  18. this is shaping up to be a trap game, lol
  19. bats with a better strike rate than kane! :-p
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