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  1. hilarious by bats...almost made me burst out laughing at 6am here
  2. the rare situation when a win feels like a loss...how do we stop the rot that's obviously going on?
  3. boy, i can't wait for andy carroll to turn our season around
  4. just think if we had held on, we'd still have pedro and morata...plus willian goes down and the ref doesn't stop play, but when norwich clearly time wastes he does
  5. wouldn't it be funny if VAR called it a penalty?
  6. what the fuck, morata?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! surely this is our low point
  7. even di matteo managed us to a 4-0 throttling of norwich
  8. we're doing everything we can to bottle this thanks pedro
  9. will morata ever score with his feet again?! stay tuned
  10. well it finally happened...i had to use the can and missed a goal. if that's what it takes for us to score, it's a price i'm willing to pay.
  11. i literally thought this was a joke when i first heard we were in for carroll, lol
  12. surely we must score...in the immortal words of rage against the machine, what better place than here, what better time than now?!
  13. oh my god morata, u're the worst at 1v1's i've ever effing seen!!!!!
  14. We've been absolutely dire against Arsenal lately. I still have nightmares over the community shield...they played us off the pitch. But what better time than now to turn things around! New year, new attitude!
  15. well this is good for our goal differential
  16. long time coming...maybe now we'll play like we give a shit?
  17. While it sucks to see City doing so well, likely to break our wins and points records, at this point it's probably best they take points off the teams below us to help us consolidate a top 3rd position.
  18. southampton have looked the better team so far, but we finally had out first clear cut chance at least
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