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  1. fucking classic...play a great game, then luiz just cahill'd it up
  2. surprised alonso didn't get sent off there...suppose i'll have to remember this moment the next time i feel we're hard done by
  3. I miss the start of the match by 7 minutes and morata scores with his feet! I should miss the start of matches more often!
  4. how is it possible to get a red 3 games in a row against the same team?
  5. Stoked for this one tomorrow! Hate the time zone difference however. 5:30am start :-(
  6. Just goes to show that neither Roma or Atletico are going to be easy outs...glad we took care of our business today.
  7. This match has gone exactly how I hoped. No nerves thank god.
  8. alonsooooooooo!!!!!! u fucking hero!!! ladfkjad;fjawe;oifjew;jfd!~!
  9. as played, a 1-1 scoreline is fair, but if the ref had the balls to call a red a red, maybe things would've been different...spurs get away with so much bs
  10. surely we can't sustain another 40 minutes of this pure barrage
  11. alonsooooooo! still bossing the free kicks!
  12. with the name moretzky on the back
  13. thank god there's a buy back clause...he was just starting to come good!
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