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  1. Will definitely be watching MOTD2 today!!
  2. I don't even know what to say after this.
  3. Ugh...that sucked. Hope we have a good transfer window but it's january, going to be tough.
  4. Ugh...results bage gone terribly for me this weekend
  5. That's a tap in if William has the presence of mind to square the ball to morata
  6. >80% possession! I would not have guessed that before the start of the match. Funny thing I only noticed upon watching highlights is that Yedlin also gave away the foul that lead to our 2nd goal.
  7. Well, one big difference today is how often we were trying to play out from the back against City compared to last season where we would've just hoofed it away. We also had a few decent passing triangles. The optimist in me says, "At least we're trying." The realist in me says we did not look comfortable at all trying these tactics against a tough opponent today and got run off the pitch.
  8. i went into this match very pessimistic so I'm pretty ecstatic we won! the match was pretty even up until we scored. hazard's dribble to win the penalty was a thing of beauty, followed up by a perfect penalty. he really is the engine that runs this team. after our goal, we definitely played on the back foot. not sure how sustainable the matter in which we won is, but this was a one-off game, so i'm simply going to enjoy the win today and worry about the rest after we do some transfer business, haha.
  9. ugh, just woke up to see we were winning 1-0...eriksen scores.
  10. typical of our season...how many times have we conceded late?!
  11. insert mourinho's quote "whoever has the ball has fear" here
  12. ugh...trying not to let recency bias affect my feelings towards conte too much right now.
  13. this is already more possession than we had in the entire two legs against barca in 2012
  14. hazard saving conte's job! wow...i must be lagging behind
  15. and bakayoko finishes off a gash performance with a sending off...
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