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  1. Luiz sure looked spry celebrating on saturday. I really hope RDM's just managing risk here by not playing Luiz or Cahill until the Blackburn game.
  2. Chelsea were favorites against Benfica and beat them too. Be they underdogs, or be they favorites, they will win!
  3. It seems like large swaths of the internet are using Bayern's 1-4 defeat of Koln as further evidence of their inevitable Champions League victory. Lol. Such a premature crowning. That's like using Chelsea's 6-1 defeat of QPR to proclaim european dominance. Only two more weeks! Let's git'r done, Blues!
  4. is carroll a ghost?! how come nobody's picking him up?!?!?!
  5. AVB's celebrations always looked more like relief, "oh thank god something went right"
  6. lol the difference is chelsea will shoot when given a chance...
  7. Torres always looks like that on the bench, don't know why he's saying Torres is unhappy
  8. It's getting real! Almost time! I can't sleep I'm so excited (it's 2:30am in Vancouver).
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