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  1. ugh, 5:30am here...just woke up and i'm sick...not loving this scoreline i just woke up to with city u knew it was just a matter of time...the cynic in me does not feel the same right now. also that was a stonewall penalty on morata. just caught the halftime highlight.
  2. oh man, should've been 2-1...if u're not gonna score there, morata, lay it off, man!
  3. our famous scoring efficiency is letting us down today :-(
  4. wow...christensen...i know the ball had a lot of pace on it, but man
  5. was up for almost 24 hours yesterday, worked for 15 of them, finished at 2am, got home after 3am...just could not stay awake until 4:30am to watch the game. woke up at 8:30am, checked the score first thing...hnng!
  6. first twenty minutes were iffy...much better after that. there's a goal for the taking. liverpool's defense has been porous at times.
  7. holy shit, just saw a video of the second goal! amazing!
  8. i'm missing all the goals but happy we're getting them!
  9. from the sounds of it, we're not playing well so far...hopefully I can actually begin watching the game soon
  10. man, i've missed so many games lately working 15 hour days but it was great to wake up to this news this morning! and of course morata scored with his head!
  11. not a good second half so far could we truly be in crisis?
  12. can't believe we followed up the match against atleti with these two performances....u wouldn't even think we're the same team
  13. not only did we concede to palace of all teams...but they're playing us off the pitch
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