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  1. Why would I bother reading a thread where people are insulting a club legend for scoring a few goals at Shitty. Like I've said fans are fickle, they expect players to love clubs as much as we do - but they don't realize a footballer might love competing at the highest level a lot more than a club. A Legend like Lampard would of course prefer to play his final years in a Top League and not some Mickey Mouse League it's part of the reason he is a EPL Legend. I myself am delighted Lampard played for CFC for 13 years and achieved his greatest triumphs while at our Club.
  2. So? How exactly does him playing for a club which isn't even a historic rival of CFC diminish what he has done at Chelsea. I don't want to get invested in this thread, but this is embarrassing. Just look up what CFC had won with Lamps at the club and what we had won previously. Look at his goal and assist record for CFC. Recall the role he played in us winning the CL. Our board felt he shouldn't be making that much money at his age and he left - now he has a sub role at Shitty. If they win it won't be because of Lamps it would be because we imploded.
  3. This thread has turned embarrassing, if City win the League it's not cause of Lamps but rather it's down to us bottling it. Fact is I will remember Frank for what he has done at the club and mind you he has done more than any midfielder in England. If a 36 year old brings City the title - it says more things about us than it does about Frank Lampard. I understand fans are fickle and put players on pedestals for some reason but in the end I hope you guys get over it when Lamps retires.
  4. Not much he could have done - this one is down to Terry being the last man and playing Mane onside
  5. The biggest waste of money, wages, effort and nerves. I hope to never see is face again. Worst transfer in History, thank all the deities it's finally over. It was 3 years too late but better late than never.
  6. Las7

    John Terry

    What a Christmas gift by Terry Have a Terry Christmas everyone
  7. Sterling is an absolute sh*te pile this match
  8. Oscar is playing with a lot more freedom, since there isn't much pressure on the young lad since Costa and Cesc arrived. His performances are a lot better than last year - we could say the same about much of the team. Brilliant goal with the outside of his foot and some great involvement in other attacks.
  9. Does Di Maria have the largest nose relative to his body size in professional football?
  10. Those look like some maternity exercises, guess he is getting ready to give birth to a goal in the next 9 months or so
  11. Las7

    Diego Costa

    We've waited many years for a World Class striker to lead our side, suddenly when we have one - we are favorites for the title and no one is questioning the system. Long may it continue, just brilliant what a striker constantly scoring goals can do for a side.
  12. Las7

    Diego Costa

    What a game by Costa 4 goals in 3 matches Costa and Mikel link up will be the foundation of our attack
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