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  1. and no Party for the boys http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2526394/Cole-attends-Arsenals-Christmas-bash-five-days-Chelsea-visit-Gunners.html
  2. http://instagram.com/ft9_official#
  3. Because it´s popular ... to get attention you just need to speak good or bad about torres. Sad but true. The media does it the same way, it works!
  4. Not a bad distance for just walking and sulking, not bad!!! Some people ... some peolple...
  5. well, since 2007 falcao scored 11 in 37 Appearances for columbia ... just saying ...
  6. the new discipline: Synchronized footballing
  7. tonight, i would like to see this but with torres in blue
  8. ahhh i see ... you mean the time where every other striker at our club were scoring for fun, ... thats a very good reason ... boy you have it
  9. well i´m astonished too ... how one man can be the measure everything and everyone ... kalou would score for fun with the new signings ... italy were tiered ... ireland no real opponent ... the barca-goal was nothing special ... there was no defender ... he is sulking, but in same time he changed the game ... he is scared ... everyone is fine but him ... he has no confidence ... sturridge is so much better than him ... what means a corner ... who is the biggest flop ... meh ... aaahhhh!
  10. it must be hard to be a cf under del bosque, because negredo reveals after the match that he was only on the pitch to make the defense tired ... not very glorious, if you ask me http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/3284/euro-2012/2012/06/28/3206006/negredo-portugal-clash-was-very-ugly
  11. if so - i like it: http://www.independent.ie/national-news/pictureperfect-torres-moment-3140006.html
  12. Sometimes, i ask myself, why i read all this sh!t in this thread. who´s a flop, who´s not, who deserve a medal, who not ... who is better, who not ... and sometimes i think some people have to much time to discuss one point again and again ... weird. jmarlow: do yourself a favour and leave it, you can not convince some people here.
  13. - In the two finals -F.A. Cup and Champions League- we have seen a Chelsea with identical schemas but very different attitude. From the team that came daring and to win offensively in Wembley to the ultra-defensive in Barcelona or Munich, What identity do you believe that shows better the spirit of the team? The team spirit is always to compete. We learned to adapt to the stage and the opponent, appreciate their strengths and weaknesses and our limitations. We were able to apply the best tactics and the best attitude to win every time. No one can say that we did wrong. - This Chelsea has shown
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