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  1. FA Cup finally here ! Demba to destroy Southampton!
  2. Just to add; I was little disappointed with Azpi's todays performance but it is nothing serious. Player of his age can't be perfect in every match.
  3. Those were excatlly my toughts after game.
  4. Solid performance. Glad to see Luiz playing like a beast in that position, therefore he is MOTM for me.
  5. I tought I am never going to say this but Benitez surprised me in positive way. Starting Luiz at DM position was something I've waited for some quite time and Luiz proved he is ideal for this position.
  6. You see, I am not bashing Americans. I laugh at them. I laugh because something is fucking funny not because I do not respect them. You get it finally?
  7. I am not bashing americans. I am just laughing at them and the reason is quite obvious. Btw Fahrenheit is not based on freeze temperature, it is based on some ridiciulous Fahrenheit's experiment. PERIOD. I was just amused by that picture and it fitted perfectly in that conversation.
  8. Right, Kelvin is the best scale and I do know what I am talking about (General Physics student here ), but in the end that does not mean that Celsius scale is not logical. It is. And I think, that this picture is still perfect.
  9. Do not take this seriously but I think that this picture is worthless Now back to topic. I am looking forward for the firts trophy of the season. Will be great to see lift those lads this trophy!
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