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  1. So then there is no discussion to be had. Top tier football requires minimal youth integration.
  2. Is that because of the demands of Man City or Guardiola? Barcelona are going the way of buying made players instead of using La Masia. Tottenham is probably the prime of example of how far youth can take you.
  3. Supposedly said in an interview this weekend that it "probably" was due to his comments. He also said he didn't mean to criticize Conte. The question is, Is it okay for players to criticize the current manager?
  4. plus he's not cup tied like dzeko
  5. Penny pinching. Gonna go hibernate until this fucking shit show of a window ends.
  6. lol.....at least hazard and morata are on the pitch
  7. Confused the Carabao sign with one of his own players lol Feel sorry for him. Taken off at half time. Moving to Bayern was his worst mistake.
  8. He has to rotate players. This is what we got. With that being said, this team should be more than enough to beat this Swansea team.
  9. Shitchester united loses to Basel. With an almost fully fit squad. What a great game it is going to be when we play Atletico in London. We're already qualified but it's do or die for them. Happy days
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