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  1. Can't really fault anything you said although I'd like to steal your thunder a bit and add something 6) Brana is not a CB, I genuinely can't remember the last good performance he put in there, He is a solid back-up during an injury crisis but should be 4th choice CB 7)Sturridge will take time to get used to himself being a winger.
  2. so is nobody going to point out that's ANOTHER rock solid performance by him in an against the odds type situation.
  3. This guy is a rock defensively but he's pretty average going forward judging by the few games I've seen of him, has a solid cross on him but lacks the pace/energy levels or dribbling to make him a top class full back, imo. Still a solid player that I like very much.
  4. got far fewer touches against Everton than he did against Fulham but he looked much more dangerous whenever he got it. His first touch and control were also MUCH better.
  5. have to admit I was one of the really pissed off ones when we got Meireles instead of Modric but he's been a solid buy.
  6. Drogbas winner is in this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWOGmcCbZJM&feature=relmfu skill
  7. heading what does this come under lol, skill, power, big moments
  8. Would like to know how people rate this kid, I'm not a big fan really but at the very least I think he'll make a decent backup.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfqG00H3rhc 042 for it to actually start, recommend the mute button.
  10. 1) what the hell is wrong with Cole? That's twice now he's been bossed at OT by both Valencia and Nani. Good players no doubt but not world class, i really shudder to think what will happen if we ever come up against Di Maria or Robben in the CL. He's almost becoming a weak link now against any half-decent winger. 2) this game really should how important Mikel is to us, good analysis on MOTD2 about how RM just left too much space between the lines, things that wouldn't be exposed with Mikel.
  11. I was just thinking about this guy. I know it's a long-shot because of his two perma-crocked knees but is there any chance we will ever seen the bison in full flow again? Really miss this guy, was an amazing player not to mention he was one of our players that wasn't detested by anyone and everyone.
  12. I think the fact that he didn't stand out this game (bayer) as much as against Norwich & Sunderland is an indication that our team play is much better than before. Still a very good performance tho.
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