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  1. No matter what anyone says. any team would kill to have Drogba in their team. He is world class and my dad funnily enough said he right up there with the greats like Osgood in his opinion and I have to agree. I have honestly never slagged of Drogba or booed him like the idiots that did. i have always stuck by him. He genuinly loves Chelsea and respects us he likes to feel the love and respect back from supporters/Also i would add what he does for charity work is superb. You dont get many footballers build schools and hospitals with most of their own money in their native country.
  2. Best player (more than 10 apps) - Ashley Cole Worst player (more than 10 apps) - Mikel Most improved player - Kalou Best goal - Lampard v west ham Best buy - David Luiz Worst buy - N/A Best team performance - vs Sunderland away Best individual performance - Nicolas Anelka vs Sunderland Best youngster - Josh McEachran Most memorable moment - David Luiz goal vs Man City
  3. Tbh I can't be bothered most of the time with the national team. I get annoyed at most of the team and the slagging off of Chelsea players and how its one rule for our lads but its Ok to have a druggie Rio and thug gerrard as captain and a granny prossie shagger rooney in the side
  4. LOL I do get what you mean, he does look a lil bit bizzar bless him
  5. R.I.P All the legends are being taken from us this week
  6. sorry dude i'm already taken by a Portsmouth supporter and having his baby lol but seriously I cannot get my head around why people dislkie him so much on here! every Chelsea Supporter I know who are infact older than me have no issue with Kalou and wouldnt sell him as he is a great asset to us. all about personal choice I guess
  7. Stupid stupid stupid is all I can say on the matter. Makes no sense to get rid of a hard worrking player that has been good for us and does score important goals and we are thin enough on the ground already.
  8. :goodpost: makes sense really. I dont wish for carlo to get kicked out ...............not like I wanted Grant to be lol
  9. I have been really quiet on this thread tbh LOL it get boring for me now after saying it for 9/10 years
  10. Sorry but that is laughable. I agree with playing some youth but you need the experience there too. lampard is perfect to learn off of for Josh. Josh would be the only youngester I would like to see in most games if i am honest
  11. I'm gald Scotty Parker played. I was watching it sort of as I was at work lol on the comment about Rooney being a captain ......no way, no way in hell should he be a captain, he couldnt organise a fuck up in a brothel...............actually having said that LOL...
  12. Its great when we are winning and its going nicely with out major hiccups then easy to say yeah we have the best manager ever. But when the going gets tough, you need a manager to step up and take the bull by the horns and sort the situation out. and this situation is going on for too long. And for me Carlo is not doing that for one reason or another. I cant possibly say he is a shit manager, I like him but I also like Ranieri but I knew he wasnt the man for the tasks ahead with Chelsea.
  13. Its old hat this subject lol remember all the debates I had about it LOL
  14. 100% agree there. Just tooo many rules in Union and \League that confuse me haha
  15. most rugby players would put SOME footballers to shame to be fair. I seem to find their attitudes different. And rugby is still tacticle, you have to have the right players in the right positions etc. The national team has done more than the football one. Did you not feel proud when we won the Rugby world cup? I was even proud of the England Cricket team for the world cup and Ashes and I dont even like cricket lol
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