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  1. Must be contract negotiation time again.
  2. Think Fabregas is the weak point of those two. He's looked like he's been treading water this season leaving Matic making up his ground most of the time. Rami, Matic and another would be pretty solid I reckon. Really want to see more of RLC as well, pity he only got a half today. Still made an impression though.
  3. Really? I thought Ramires' energy and tackling were critical today. As you say though, delighted with the clean sheet. About time we stopped shipping goals.
  4. Can't stop shipping goals. No wonder we were willing to pay through the nose for Stones.
  5. 3 years into a contract you can terminate, think he signed his deal last year.
  6. Didn't realise he was on £170k when he came. Say we signed Pogba on £300k a week, Hazard is our player of the year again this coming season. You honestly think that he wouldn't expect to have a wage similar to Pogba? I respectfully disagree.
  7. Partly true but I don't think Hazard was made our best paid player when he first signed which is what Pogba inevitably would be. Hazard would then get a wage rise if Pogba came, then Costa, Fabregas...
  8. More evidence that Martinez's whining is a pot/kettle/black situation. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11682/8099964/palace-slam-martinez-over-zaha
  9. Disappointed that he's going to Barca. Would've been worth the £55m quoted. Glad we didn't mess up the wage structure though if he is getting upwards of £200k.
  10. Looked like an overhit cross to me
  11. Didn't realise that, not that I was serious anyway. Never thought we would ever get a penny from that.
  12. Whatever the price is, they should be made to knock off that Mutu money!
  13. Never thought I'd ever see this thread. Totally agree though. Only one who seems to speak any sense.
  14. "It's a brilliant block from Cathcart" or a clear penalty mate.
  15. Funny that guy Syed moralizing whilst writing for a newspaper headed by the squeaky clean Rupert Murdoch.
  16. Great player and will only get better, homegrown as well for anyone worried about the quota. Can't see him leaving though, probably looking for a better contract.
  17. Don't really need any more participants but thanks anyway, I'll let you know what I find when I do the analysis.
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