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  1. There's really no vocal leader on this team. No one holding players accountable while on the pitch during crucial situations. You would love to see this team have a rock on defense who keeps it all together but they're all inconsistent. I just see a whole lot of complaining when they don't receive the ball...Need more energy and heart.
  2. Gotta put some blame on Frank. Yes you want the winning goal but the way we were defending at 2-2 was atrocious. You really want to leave Rudiger and Christensen on an island? They were shit all match...
  3. Defending like we were down by two goals or something...Alonso think he's a winger I guess.
  4. Abraham is really poor tonight. Literally three teammates near him and he gives it away in the one spot the defender is. Think the transfers and coming off the bench is getting to his head, the way he acts he thinks he's Lewandowski or something...Bad body language and composure so far.
  5. Puli's pace is great but what I didn't know much before this season was how crafty he is to create separation from the defender. His quickness off the first touch followed by his pace make him dangerous. Kyle Walker was lost at times trying to mark Puli today and he's no slouch in terms of speed... If Puli can fill out and consistently finish he can absolutely be world class.
  6. I would say he was put in a bad position because Giroud missed an easy header in midfield. Giroud was poor, that's really his one job to win in the air and he lost often tonight.
  7. Great team effort. As shaky as the defense has been they held it together for the most part. Willian had one of his better performances holding up the ball and applying pressure on the City defense.
  8. Let's go Willian. Have a really nice game, only Puli and him have been able to hold the ball for us tonight. Let's get 3 now!
  9. It's hard to get good pace on that when you're running full speed in the opposite direction. Was just a good play by walker....So close.
  10. Had a bad feeling after Giroud whiffed another header in midfield...
  11. The more I watch him the more I like his potential. He's made good plays in the midfield defensively but he does tend to rush when he's on the ball with open space. I hope and think he'll settle down and become a lot better. The defense and ball tracking is very promising though.
  12. Happy with the lead but you get the feeling we'll need at least one more here if they bring on Jesus and start pressing even harder. Terrible play by Mendy but Puli still needed to finish that play and he held his composure. Great to see. Thought Willian and Mount both had good moments and Giroud needs to be a better outlet here.
  13. If we sign Havertz there's no way I would start Mount. Mount had some promising moments early on and yes, he's a hard worker but no way I start him on the wing over Ziyech, Cho, or Pulisic. Giving Cho or Pulisic more space with all these talents would elevate them even more. Mount is more of a grinder and would definitely still play a major role. Exciting times right now being a Blues fan...hoping for the best in terms of Havertz!
  14. How do we expect to score consistently with a formation like that? Understandable against Tottenham away but at home against Southampton? Frank needs to make better adjustments from game to game...Pretty much begging for Tammy to score a brace because Willian has never been consistent in that department.
  15. Not sure if anyone posted him before but I would love to see him on Chelsea. Really think he's what we lack in terms of a maestro in the midfield attack along with capable finishing. Watching our wingers and midfielders struggle to finish this season has been frustrating, It's really Tammy or nothing some games... Obviously it would take most, if not all of our transfer budget but at his young age he should be a very strong investment.
  16. Thought as soon as we scored the goal we weren't aggressive enough and just tried to hold possession instead of playing our forward game. City is dangerous but we needed to force their wingers and back four to defend more and that didn't happen enough. Would be nice if Wiliian could finish in big games once in a while....Still loving the progress with Frank so far and excited for the coming week!
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