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  1. Would like to see this. Werner Havertz/Puli - Cho Alonso - Kova - Kante - James Rudiger - AC - Azpi Mendy I believe Atletico knows they'll have to press more after being dominated possession wise last game. It's just a one goal advantage but with our current defensive form they might feel time is of essence and go for it earlier than expected. Kante needs to have a solid game distributing and holding possession. He's been quite sloppy and poor on the ball. Think this lineup is solid defensively and has the ability to counter with speed a
  2. Did you think Burnley would beat Everton? Or Arsenal would beat Tottenham? Spurs have been in pretty good form with Bale playing well. You always want to win and we should have definitely beat leeds but the fact that some of the closest teams behind us lost too always helps.
  3. I think before the weekend we would have taken this outcome. Makes the draw a bit better.
  4. Our Cm's have all faired better because of the formation change under TT. They have more channels to pass to so they're exposed less. Whenever we switch formation or need anything going forward from them their shortcomings come back to light and they become limited like you mentioned. At least Kova can hold up possession on his own once in a while but he didn't play.
  5. Agree with this. We've been pretty fortunate with some of the chances in the other matches we've converted. Once we have the lead we're tough to beat with how well we can hold possession in the 3-4-2-1.
  6. Shows we're so dependent on the same formation and system now. We've had a good run of possession during this period of not dropping points but the attack has never been good. I think TT deserves some criticism because it hasn't gotten any better, questionable placement of players today. Final product and finishing were awful once again.
  7. Chilwell really needs to add some variation in his game. On the ball he is far too predictable...
  8. This showed up on my feed and makes me sad. Maybe he needs number 22 back. Lol
  9. Cho is just better than Puli in our current system. Puli is not strong enough to play wing back and it even seems TT prefers Ziyech over him atm. He's not going to play the striker position ever and no one is starting over Mount. Really just one spot being a false 9 or if TT allows him to play on the left side in attack and move Werner up top consistently. Just doesn't look promising for him with the formation we deploy. That being said our attack really hasn't been good ever since Tuchel has taken over so I hope he starts giving more players a chance like Pulisic and Kai.
  10. None of his misses were clear chances or shocking today like we've seen in the past. Overall I was impressed with Werner but we signed him to lead the line and convert some of these opportunities that aren't so easy. It's probably unfair but that's what we really need from him in the future to keep getting results. The whole attack needs to be better too.
  11. Defensively he was good , he made a lot of effort making runs down the flank and giving players an outlet. His final ball was frustrating though, even when given space he tends to just not look up and throw in a cross that's 10 yards away from any Chelsea player.
  12. Definitely need to get better up top. I thought Werner was promising leading the front line there with his pace and effort, unlucky on the offsides call but had other chances he squandered.
  13. Have you been watching how Rudinger, Azpi, and Christensen have been playing? Jorginho, Kova, and Mount all playing better under TT. A lot of these players were deemed as useless when Frank was in charge, TT is putting them in positions to succeed. Yes, the finishing is still an issue but we're getting results including a win at Anfield. You act like that's an easy feat...
  14. Great result. So many of these players were written off when Frank was in charge but TT has this team playing with a lot of confidence. It's never boring when you win...
  15. Chilwell is so wasteful....he's so one dimensional with that left foot. No creativity
  16. Jota is scary. Would love Puli and Cho to both come on and just counter attack them. They're gassed and that high line is there for the taking...
  17. Kante had been so shit on the ball this game but beautiful release pass there...
  18. Mason Mount Mount Mount. Our best player now?
  19. Liverpool exerted so much energy that first 15 pressing us. We seem to be coming alive but finishing and passing in dangerous areas is so poor...
  20. He hasn't been that bad actually. With the way our attack has been he'll probably look like a star tonight. Lol
  21. That is a strong liverpool side. Not too confident with our lineup relying on Ziyech and Werner up top...
  22. Oh just searched his name and it's making some news around here. Welp that's going to cause a stir for a while...
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