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  1. Yikes, sloppy. Bellerin should have done better there.
  2. I noticed that too. I mean I don't blame him, sometimes our midfielders just pass it back. Hence why we're always passing in our own end for long periods of the game. They don't look up enough and have enough creativity to break the press.
  3. The distribution and possession actually looks decent without him on...All he does is pass back to our back four, absolutely no creativity whatsoever.
  4. I think it's hilarious some are blaming CP for Werner missing that open chance. He held it longer to draw the last defender even closer to him, yeah the pass wasn't pitch perfect but man that's an open chance a striker like Werner should be finishing...
  5. I mentioned this before. It seemed like the wolves were closing off the right side a lot better and the left flank had a lot more room to operate. Semedo was getting owned by Puli then Frank never switched him back to the left until after the 92nd minute...
  6. Yeah maybe if Frank switched back Puli before the 92nd minute....
  7. Literally won't switch Puli back to the left. I understand swapping during the match to give them a different look but not switching back when there's for open space on the left is shocking. Frank really makes no adjustments in the second half.
  8. So many poor performances. Reece James is so wasteful at times
  9. Kante and Pulisic were strong. Our midfield of Havertz and Mount are providing no creativity. Havertz surely looks like he's struggling to cope with the physicality of the Prem. Even if you're struggling, you can still have that work rate and show like you're interested in the match which he isn't doing.
  10. I really count it as a win each time he finishes a shift unscathed like you mentioned...We're going to need him especially with the Ziyech injury. I think that goal will do wonders for him though, you can tell how frustrated he has been when you watch him play. He's trying so hard to make that leap for the team but keeps having setbacks. Hopefully getting a consistent run of games will ease his mind and turn him into the playmaker we know he can be. *knock on wood*
  11. Definitely would have been rewarded a pen there. I even saw Chilly and some players stutter thinking he might go down after that challenge but he stayed up. Lucky break.
  12. There's the hell on wheels we've been waiting for. Need more of that Timo and Puli counter in the future.
  13. Think they'll run Werner, Giroud, and Cho up top. Cho deserves the start and Frank might save Puli for a late sub to ease him back.
  14. Very strong performance. Sevilla is a very well coached team and dangerous even if they don't have their full squad.
  15. I agree with this 100%. For what I've seen so far from the three is obviously a lack of chemistry for the young season but not enough effort to get others involved. Werner doesn't seem like he'll ever pass inside or close to the box unless he truly has to. I know we signed him to score goals but better hold up play is needed for the way our team is setup under Frank. The Prem isn't as forgiving on speedy strikers so he'll need to adjust and be more physical at times. Kai needs to make more of an effort to get into dangerous positions by making runs and stretching the field for others instead o
  16. Haha maybe I'm giving him too much credit for being in the group that got us a clean sheet. Some of the passes out of the back and clearances were terrible...
  17. My match ratings. I'm bored lol Mendy 7/10 James 7/10 Zouma 6/10 Silva 7.5/10 Chilwell 8/10(MOTM) Jorginho 4.5/10 Kante 5.5/10 Pulisic 4.5/10 Havertz 4/10 Mount 3.5/10 Werner 4/10 SUBS Kovacic 7/10 Ziyech 5/10
  18. I thought Chilwell was excellent defensively. MOTM for me. James also had some good moments fighting and defending tonight, I think the kid is a better option than Azpi.
  19. Our distribution in the back is poor. The midfield also lacked creativity, struggled holding the ball and we always looked to pass back thus nothing creative happened tonight. I'm sure Frank will be happy with the clean sheet though as he should be.
  20. Pulisic doesn't look great but some of our more dangerous counters and moments came with him on the ball. Now imagine if he could play in his natural, favored position. Jorginho looks like a red card waiting to happen because this ref looks confused on what to call and mount is absolutely useless as a winger. Navas loves to press forward but he's someone you can take advantage of defensively. Mount applies no pressure to back lines. At least we didn't concede..
  21. Kai is impressive but he's still dribbling too much like he's playing for Bayer. We have plenty of playmakers now so at times he needs to keep the ball moving and be more direct. Werner was awesome.
  22. Really excited for this one. They'll need some time to gain chemistry together but if we get to see Ziyech and Puli along with Werner and Kai, that's just going to be so much fun to watch.
  23. It's just Barnsley but this can do wonders for a young player like Havertz and his confidence. The thought of our full strike force with some games and chemistry together is scary. I don't care who we're playing, it's going to be hard to stop Werner, Kai, Puli, and Ziyech. I thought Tammy was very good too, normally he's crying about not receiving the ball but he was a willing passer which surprised me. Hard to judge Thiago Silva from a defending standpoint today but his composure already has given me confidence he'll be a strong signing for us.
  24. Even at 33 I think he could help us. We could offer Kepa, his country mate Willy, and some other add ons.....
  25. Ross Barkley Highlight Reel. Lol
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