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  1. not able to see what she posted since it's private.
  2. Excellent ball by Cho there. Don't think he can be replaced in his role for this formation atm. He's playing well
  3. No, I think there's a good amount of factors on why he has been off form this season. Obviously health always hurts him, pressures of trying to take the next step with the weight of a country on your shoulders. He's just not playing well but if he's fit I just hope he can rediscover some kind of form and TT gives him that chance.
  4. True. I mean I don't think that's the only contributing factor on why he hasn't been very good but as a team we became more and more predictable under Frank. Teams just knew to press our midfield going into the season and we would just pass the ball back time and time again. I do believe he'll have more space and more chances to receive the ball with how we're holding possession lately.
  5. Pulisic hasn't gotten a chance in this new system and formation to consistently play on the left. I think we've seen Werner have his moments but he's gotten many chances to not be wasteful aside from an easy goal. Pulisic's form hasn't been great this season but we could barely hold possession early on in the season with the 4-3-3 under frank. Now it seems like we have a solid system in place to help us maintain possession so it's definitely a good possibility Pulisic can rediscover some form here. Always depends on being fit enough to make an impact for Puli, think the pressures of
  6. Yeah for sure. Would be my reasons to give Havertz a go. Mount has been very good but even he'll get worn down without some rest.
  7. I would enjoy watching this lineup even though Kova and Kante seem to not work well together. Really think Pulisic could offer pretty much the same if not better than Timo on the left flank, just needs to stay healthy and play smarter. Havertz to start in Mount's position to see if he can produce anything.
  8. Well I guess they were out of form because they looked awful. We literally looked like prime Barcelona the way we held the ball from them. Defense and effort were excellent. Can't hate on Alonso and AC tonight.
  9. Lots of talk about Suarez and Felix. Rightfully so but Llorente has been amazing this season, so versatile and active. I think we're going to put up a good fight and hoping for the best. Would have loved to see Chilly get a chance here but I guess TT is locked in with Alonso at the moment. 1-1 draw
  10. Can't complain too much. Tuchel has done what he's been brought in for and that's to give us a chance to finish top 4. Our attack still looks lost. Would be interesting to see how TT plays it being down a goal or two. Might never happen if we continue to hold possession 80% of the time. Lol
  11. Does Frank ever make halftime adjustments? We never switch formation or throw different looks at opposing teams during the break. All I ever see him do is call for the two Wingers to swap sides on occasion, like that's really going to throw them off... Tactically he just keeps on coming up short and the players are playing with no confidence. I want to see him do well being a legend of the club, but it doesn't look very promising.
  12. Agree 100%. We could lose to anyone in the table ATM because teams know how to play us and expose our midfield. Frank needs to adjust the formation because expecting three midfielders on our team to offer anything going forward is not going to happen. We always wanted the 4231 and I think it's a good time to try it with Kai as the CAM.
  13. I thought the first 10 minutes we were flying around but eventually the same flaws came to surface and all confidence was shot...
  14. With all the signings and money we spent, we forgot what we really needed. A proper balanced midfield....all these guys have similar attributes and good motors but they're so bad breaking down defenses and being creative. It puts more pressure on the defense and our attacking players get less chances to do something. Literally playing three defensive midfielders and they still can't defend properly.
  15. We are getting wrecked because our defense can't mark anyone and our midfield can't handle a press. Let's not blame the 3-0 score because our two wingers don't track back every single time...Everyone sucks right now just not only them.
  16. Defense so sloppy...Can't mark anyone. Our midfield is just not good enough, especially in these games vs top clubs. If they're not defending well then they're useless. They can't break down a press or hold possession, just always passing it back so teams will always put the high press on without any fear.
  17. We're two days from the worst performance of the season. I'll take it so far...
  18. Pretty pleased so far. Wasted chances mostly by Puli but it's nice have proper wingers play in a 4-3-3. Cho is making a big difference with his ability to hold possession and run at defenders. Hopefully we can tact on the lead.
  19. Puli was our most dangerous starter, no he wasn't at his best obviously but he at least drove the ball at opponents and put some pressure on Arsenal. Everyone else just crosses and passes back worried about losing possession. When Cho came on you finally had another guy to help at least hold the ball and push forward...Frank is just playing all these guys out of position. Cho is a natural winger and should have easily been given a chance after seeing what Werner has been doing on the flank. Either start Werner in the middle or don't start him at all. If you want him to come on in the second ha
  20. Uh Frank what are the tactics or changes for the second half? Struggling here for creativity and chances. Frank - Cross
  21. Our offense runs through Reece James
  22. Yeah but we all know Frank isn't going to do that for some reason...He'll ride with Tammy or sub in Giroud before letting Werner play in the middle...
  23. I'd put on Havertz for Werner, It can't get any worse and if he can spark anything it will do wonders for his confidence. Not much to lose at this point, Werner's useless on the wing...
  24. Frank definitely deserves blame but the players are playing like trash too. Kante has been terrible along with the midfield, it's like they've never handled the press before...
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