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  1. The key is to play him as a central midfielder.
  2. He's not even 21 yet and people expect him to be the perfect defender, and he's already dropping defensive performances like yesterday's. Going all the way to the top and possibly our future captain.
  3. Mousa Dembele with a final ball.
  4. Thought he was really good today. Developing into that sort of 'brain of the the team' type player. We look so much more cunning and decisive in the final third when he plays. I feel his composure on the ball helps his team mates feel more composed too. It's proper radiant. It's crazy that he's only 21, absolute gem of a player. Patiently waiting for when he starts really really producing in the final third.
  5. Time will tell. If he can keep up this consistency long term he should be in those conversations for sure. If he continues to get clean sheets/wins us games and we mount a serious title challenge, he will deserve recognition.
  6. Yep. Feels like we're on the cusp of hitting the right long term formula.
  7. Orgasmic and clearly straight from the training ground. Great build up, fantastic run from Havertz. Notice how Pulisic's run, whilst slight, opens up enough time and room for a great, composed finish from Giroud. Superb team goal and very glad Frank and the coaching team are now consistently playing players in their best position, and so so happy we aren't prioritising 4-2-3-1 right now (we don't have the right midfielders for this atm and also it alienates a lot of players out of their best positions).
  8. I thought this too but two points: - Werner is not on form. - Oli makes an excellent pivot. He brings in other players so well, so what you do is have runners around him. I'm thinking Havertz, Mount as runners from deep and CHO (who's off the ball movement has improved massively - credit to the coaching team) as an in line runner means we have enough variation in there. Timo can always come off the bench if it doesn't work.
  9. This guy still keeps on impressing. Essentially had the same defence as Kepa last season today and the difference is so clear. Look how confident guys like AC & AR were with him behind them. Even Emerson was decent defensively. We needed leaders on the pitch, I'm glad Edouard seems to be one.
  10. GF's dad is a massive Leeds fan so this should be a good one. Confident after that performance. Would like to see us go full throttle with: Mendy James Zouma Silva Chilwell Kanté Ziyech Havertz Mount CHO Giroud This is based on the best performers in the team ATM. Will probably see Werner in for CHO though.
  11. It's coming together for Frank, Jody and the rest at the moment. The idea is there now. We're looking great tactically. Far better than where we were a couple weeks ago. Players playing in the right position, dropped the 4-2-3-1 as the main tactic and voila - we look really strong - I'm delighted Frank is learning from his mistakes (this was my biggest worry). The blueprint of the team is clear, players are enjoying themselves. We're creating at will and defending excellently. This month is going to be a crucial one - this month decides whether we challenge for trophies seriously this sea
  12. Rubbish. It even says in the article it was before current lockdown rules - he just went to a restaurant with Tomori lol.
  13. I love how the academy boys have taken on the challenge of the team's level increasing. Mount has upped his game, James has upped his game, Tammy as well. Superb response from them. Just waiting on CHO now.
  14. The Wizard of London has arrived... I didn't know how long it would take him to settle, but this is how he used to dominate Eredivisie. Can't believe this is being translated to the PL already. What a player!
  15. Mendy was actually born in France and chose to play for Senegal after so it has nothing to do with them being from Senegal.
  16. I think playing as an 8 should evolve his game much better. I don't want him to just be a final third player.
  17. Eh, I don't mind him trying risky things as long as we have cover behind him that can pick up when it doesn't come off. He will get smarter and better with it as he gains more experience in the league though. We haven't seen the best of him at all just yet.
  18. Yeah, I'm exaggerating a bit, but apart from Liverpool's fullbacks, I don't think there's a better pair in the league. What do you reckon? Reece might not be as much of a cheat code with his crossing as TAA is but he's far better defensively, and will continue to grow defensively. I've always held the belief that Reece can be better than TAA simply because he's more complete, but I am aware that TAA has performed amazingly, especially in the previous two seasons for Pool, but that's mostly because he was also playing in a superstar team with a fantastic manager. Reece has some catching up
  19. CHO Abraham Ziyech Mount Jorginho Kovacic Emerson Tomori Christensen Azpi Mendy Should be enough...
  20. Trent Alexander-Arnold, come outside...
  21. He is so so underrated defensively...
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