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  1. Tried to stay away from this thread but don't think Frank is ready at all for a real trophy challenging Chelsea squad. He still has a lot to learn and is so naïve with a lot of his in game management decisions, and he doesn't seem to be learning quickly enough. It's not surprising, this is only his third year in management. The question is, do we persist, allow him to grow? I'm still not seeing the blueprint in our game. I know we haven't had a lot of time this season but what philosophy, what system is SFL trying to implement? I'm not seeing promising signs just yet. Wish he had s
  2. Genuinely feel like Wily at least gives the defence more confidence and is therefore automatically a better option.
  3. I used to be a big fan but he's not developed as I thought he would. He's too error prone and lacks concentration and composure on his game that I don't think he'll ever fix. Also the more I see the more it seems like the PL is just too physical for him. I think he'd be far better off in Spain or Italy.
  4. Zouma - Tomori would've been fine imo. A lot more solid than (anyone) - Christensen.
  5. Playing him and Kepa at the same time it's not a surprise we were so shaky. Yet they both get given chance upon chance upon chance.
  6. They aren't decent saves imo. Just normal saves you expect a professional goalkeeper to make. He's so bad that even those saves look decent because it's him.
  7. I'm picking Wily. The team defends more comfortably when he plays, even if it's just slightly. We win today with Wily imo. I'll blame Frank for his horrible 2nd half management of the game too btw. We allowed Southampton to grow back into the game.
  8. Genuinely reckon we win with Wily playing instead of Kepa today tbh.
  9. Being "clean" on the ball isn't everything. Look at Christensen for example.
  10. We've been so starved of a decent goalkeeper that people don't even expect him to make regular save or to bail us out at all. Christ. Kepa can do better in the first goal, could've done much better for the second. And the third... As a pro goalkeeper I'm expecting you to at least make a decent save out of it. It wasn't a difficult shot at all. The buck falls at Lampard's feet here yet again anyway. He decided to start Kepa and his in game management is genuinely horrible.
  11. Standard saves. What you expect from a pro goalkeeper.
  12. Don't play him again this season.
  13. Think the club's interested possibly because of the money possibly involved. It stinks of Bayern doing their typical tapping up - don't understand why the club are entertaining this, we're not one of Bayern's German feeder clubs.
  14. It's up to our club tbh. I think Callum is happy to stay but won't say no to listening to Bayern's offer. We need to be firm here either way.
  15. Yeah I feel in games like this where we're clearly gonna dominate possession, he might not be as needed. Would still at some point like to see a midfield three of Havertz Mount & Kanté however.
  16. Zouma x Silva is such a good CB partnership. Hope Zouma soaks in all of Silva's excellence. Another top top performance. So happy he's back on the right path. Looks like our best CB atm.
  17. Best performance in 2020. Might be worth keeping around for just these types of games where we'll obviously dominate the ball. As long as he has Silva and Zouma behind him it might work well.
  18. You can see he's getting more used to the pace of the league already. Couple of nice driving runs with the ball from deep, very underrated defensive work, and occupies space so well already in the final third, which in turn should start opening up spaces for those around him. It's all gonna click for him on a consistent basis soon, when this happens he's taking the league by storm. Can honestly see him having a KDBesque effect on our team. Sort of player that makes everyone around him better.
  19. Tears in my eyes. Finally a proper left back.
  20. Honestly do amateurish. It's crazy because the switch to 433 is where we picked up momentum to score that first and second goal and we almost paid for it by switching away from that. Could argue that that momentum could've carried us through to a win but Lampard took one step forward with the change to 433, and two steps back.
  21. That 334 formation from Lampard after we scored the 2nd was absolutely criminal. Almost FIFA like. Clear to see the team never practiced this.
  22. Never want to see him play LB for this club ever again. Always always always gets targeted. Always makes mistakes. Shouldn't even be near the squad unless we're thinking about playing with wingbacks.
  23. Aware this was before half time but just wanted to point out what some people might get confused about regarding his awareness. He has a somewhat lax, languid style of play. His off the ball work & movement (offensively speaking) is actually one of the best bits of his game. Once he gets used to the pace of the Premier, he's going to be one special player for us. Such a unique player.
  24. Thank goodness Mendy is on the way. Kinda feel sorry for Kepa tbh must be a lot to go through.
  25. So clear to see from me how influential he'll be once he gets to play in the middle of the park and also gets used to the pace of the league. Not his fault Lampard is freestyling the offensive half of our team atm.
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