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  1. So you think the solution to bed in these new players is playing the style of football on show in the first half?
  2. So basically what you're saying is that he doesn't know how to coach a real attacking team? It's going to take some time, but he's been a season and a bit in now and there's still no blueprint as to how we're going to play whatever? Do you see this suddenly changing or don't you think it'll be more of the same?
  3. Do you think genuinely Lampard has set up the team well? I'm not Lampard out like that but we can criticise him. Why did we go to spend £200m on attacking talent to play this conservatively and defensively against a team that isn't even that good going forward? Especially with Greenwood, Pogba and Martial out as well? This isn't coaching a defence to play in an attacking philosophy, this is completely changing the very nature of the team. What's the point in signing Havertz for so much if we're just going to shove him on the right, barely get the ball to him? It's like he actually
  4. Not against teams that traditionally sit deeper tbh. I agree that we should've played Giroud if we were going direct over the top to break United's press which isn't even that good. It would maybe make more sense to have Pulisic and Werner coming off Giroud with this setup.
  5. It's not VAR. It's those utilising the system.
  6. Awful first half. Completely wrong setup from Frank. Giving Utd way too much respect. Not surprised though, given Ole has outsmarted him several times.
  7. From what I know Lamptey actually refused a contract and had six months left on his contract so the club's hands were actually tied. He has also played at RWB for Brighton. Reece James has always been the better talent and we literally have no issues at RB (we have Azpi and James there), I wouldn't bring this as a criticism at the club. Tariq is good but RJ is easily the better talent.
  8. Honestly they should be considering this hard. Kepa has lost all confidence and sucks the confidence out of his backline too.
  9. I actually think Zouma is a better pure defender than Gomez, VVD hides a lot of his shortcomings. Gomez is a nice mobile defender but he doesn't read the game as well as Zouma does I don't think. Sure, he's probably better at defending out wide than Zouma because of his mobility, but Zouma is a far better defender vertically/in the middle of the pitch. Anyway, there isn't much between them. They'd actually compliment each other really well funnily enough. I mentioned this in the SFL thread but apart from yesterday's mishap has Zouma actually been bad/error prone this season? He's actuall
  10. He probably thought there's no point because Kepa is definitely getting beat lol.
  11. Can anyone who's super critical of Zouma point out to me, apart from yesterday's mistake, Zouma's mistakes this season? Apart from yesterday mistake he's actually almost been flawless. I don't like the narrative that he's been error prone all season when this is probably his first subpar game of the season? I don't understand why he's being put in the same bracket as Rudiger and Christensen.
  12. Not sure we've ever beaten them recently with a 4 goal margin though.
  13. I understand that we have other areas of our game to fix defensively but I think one of the biggest steps is a consistent back four. For me that's Chilwell Zouma Silva James and Mendy. We were missing 3/5 from this so it's not surprising that we weren't as good defensively but Lampard needs to curate a system that works when some of these aren't playing.
  14. I can't remember where I saw this but Palace are great against top 6 teams. They have a better record than anyone bar Liverpool and City over the last few seasons.
  15. Dropping silly points v. WBA and Southampton - Frank can't hide behind individual mistakes anymore. We're playing a system where individual mistakes happen time and time again - you then have to take a step back and look as to how we're harbouring a system that forces so many individual mistakes to begin with. Our set piece defending still seems rubbish for example.
  16. Our best defensive performance this season came against Palace (one of the best teams against top 6 teams) and we played Zouma with Silva - why are people just glossing over this? Zouma and Silva is clearly our best CB partnership as it stands?
  17. Disagree. I think we made the right decision because the market for defenders this summer wasn't great at all. We still spent £50m there with Chilwell. We need to improve at CB but there honestly weren't that many clear improvement s available. We have a ton of interesting young CBs coming through as well - no need to spend there for the sake of spending. It needs to be the right player. Only a top top CB improved us now.
  18. Fair enough. Still would've gone for Zouma Tomori. And also I would've played Wily personally. I think we win this game with those two playing instead.
  19. Mason Mount on the left, Pulisic on the right (both out of their natural positions), Christensen and Kepa were all Lampard's choices. These aren't forced changes sorry.
  20. Why is Joe Gomez way better exactly? Remove VVD from that backline and you see be genuinely isn't any better. Gabriel isn't better than Zouma either imo, or he's certainly not shown that he is. Ruben Dias is good but again not a ground breaking signing and he definitely isn't a tier above Zouma just yet. I would actually argue that Zouma has been the most reliable CB we have by far under Lampard. He made a mistake today with a soft pass but honestly Kepa made an absolute meal of it anyway, and he was still our most assured CB. AC is meant to be the best passing CB but Zouma o
  21. Someone on here said that we've conceded 63 goals in 43 PL games under Lampard - there is clearly an issue with how we set up defensively.
  22. My problem with Frank is that we're still making the same mistakes as last season, there's no improvement. Also, when you spend £230m, you're going to have more pressure and scrutiny. We should be criticising Lampard and how he sets his team up, the decisions he makes. Pochettino didn't spend this that's why it's different situations you're comparing. Chelsea also aren't Tottenham.
  23. Harsh. Kurt is at least competent. Zouma starts at Arsenal, United, Spurs, possibly even Liverpool (Joe Gomez isn't really better than him apart from on the ball maybe?). I think Zouma will excel if he plays with TS btw. There aren't many better options than him in the market atm.
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