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  1. We've been screaming for a midfield 3 of Kanté Mount and Havertz and well... MOTM honestly for me is Money Mason Mount. So refreshing to see him in that 8 role, linking up play between attack and midfield. By far his best role. Meshed really well with Havertz and the rest of the attack. Great performance. Kanté close second. Looking like prime Cfc Makélélé out there today. It makes a lot of sense to play him there in games where we are expected to dominate offensively and possession wise, simply because he's so great at snuffing out counter attacks. His passing is considerably bett
  2. Shame. Was hoping Camavinga performed against us because we have a history of signing players who do well against us in the CL.
  3. Technically this is Jorginho but they don't mesh together well at all. I also don't like the 4231 we're employing. Actually, it might work better with a better player than Jorginho - someone who can pass forward consistently, has real vision, but can also defend - Declan Rice maybe? Until then we won't see the best of Kanté in a pivot.
  4. Het verbaast me dat het zo lang heeft geduurd voordat een topclub hem had gekocht maar ja... He's still lacking his usual sharpness. We haven't seen the best from him at all just yet. I expect him to evolve into the side's primary creator soon tbh.
  5. It's gonna have to be 6 - 8 - 10 midfield 3. Kai at the 10, Mount at 8, and for now, Kanté as the 6.
  6. It's pretty simple, we know their weaknesses (Zouma and Kanté) but they're still the best options for us there as it stands, so we should support them. They still do some things very very well. Zouma is one of the best CBs in the world in the air, and is probably our best pure defender after Silva. Kanté's defensive awareness and ability to close spaces and make tackles and interceptions is also real quality. It's what we have right now. Kanté has also been an excellent player for the club overall, is a world cup champion, and won the league with Leicester. Understandably people have more pati
  7. Hopefully Lamps moves forward with this. Jorginho and Kovacic together are like a sieve in midfield.
  8. Mount Kanté Havertz 433 is our best midfield in theory.
  9. Shhhhhh can't say that Yes we play better when Mount plays in his actual position, not when he's being shoved out wide. I don't think the criticism of Mount is of him as a player. I've said before I wanted to see a Mount Havertz Kanté midfield. Glad to see Lampard is thinking the same.
  10. Guess Lampard wants to play the team into form a bit more?
  11. Strong team. Happy CHO is getting some game time! Would've liked to see Werner, Havertz and Chilly rested though.
  12. Funnily enough, of course Kanté is still a huge member of the squad, but for the type of football we seem to be wanting to play, Kanté doesn't really make too much sense. The base seems to be a natural holding DM, a connector, and then a 10. Kanté doesn't really fit any of these. In hindsight we should've kept Ampadu, think he's the perfect profile for the type of player we need. Shame really. Also, should be interesting to see how Gilmour fits in. Ideally, I'd love to have something like this as midfield options next season: Ampadu, Kanté, natural DM, Mount, Gilmour, Havertz.
  13. Still incredible how he was loaned out when the squad is now begging for a natural old fashioned DM.
  14. I'd like to see either scenario tbh and see what works. One of Mason's best attributes is quickly breaking the lines between midfield and attack with some quick passes into the feet of the attackers. We should be utilising this a lot more. I want Mason to be more like a Modric type player rather than whatever Frank is trying him as atm. Kanté in a 433 as the holding player - does he have the patience and discipline for this? For this reason maybe a 4231 might work better. Since his legs are going a bit, I'd like to see this 433 where we see him attack and defend horizontal spaces rather
  15. Would like to see how well a Kante, Mount & Havertz midfield would operate.
  16. Would be hilarious if he won the CL here instead.
  17. Need to really rest some guys here but we also have big tactical problems so can see Lampard possibly trying some stuff out here. I would like to see something like: Mendy Azpilicueta Christensen Tomori Emerson(?) Kovacic Jorginho Ziyech Mount CHO Tammy Should be enough to win right?
  18. Lampard genuinely isn't helping by more often than not playing him.out wide. Our midfield is so unstable that we can't even afford to play Havertz in his best position right now. In the last few games he's mostly been shafted out wide, where he is usually isolated and doesn't have any runners or options to progress play. Lampard is effectively using him in a role where someone like Ziyech or even CHO would be more effective. He needs to play in the middle of the pitch, so he can get up to speed with how to do this in the Premier League. I would like to see him become more of a midfield g
  19. His rise to the top is so impressive. Glad that we have such a motivated guy as a goalkeeper. It seems like he still has a lot of room to grow, and maybe being at a top club is the last step he needs to catapult himself as a world class goalkeeper. 3 clean sheets in 4 games is a fantastic start and I hope we can continue to rely on him for the rest of the season.
  20. I agree with much what you said, it's certainly a possibility that after making such huge investments, the club are now forced to be a lot more patient; and what more to get the fans onside by having a club legend as big as Lampard as the head coach? It's definitely a big possiblity that the club is gearing towards a softer approach when it comes to bad results and bad spells. However I do think Frank had a good role to play in bringing the players here. Both him and Cech had personal conversations with a lot of our recent arrivals, whom all seem to make a point that Lampard speaking to
  21. I genuinely think Frank should be given the season at the very least. He's owed that after bringing many fantastic players to the club. You'd hope that playing with 5 defenders and a better goalkeeper would get us there. It's probably a good step for the teams defensive confidence, and I genuinely hope that this is what Frank was thinking with the way he set us up today and against Sevilla. It's not a long term solution however obviously - at some point he's going to have to figure out how to play our best players together properly. The problem for me is, I can't put my full faith
  22. Sorry, I genuinely believe if you spent £200m+ on players you automatically bring pressure on yourself as a manager. Yes, he's going to be criticised a lot more because of this. It's not like last season at all. If the players are playing shit - why are they playing shit? Is the manager setting them up to succeed? Did the manager not sign these players? Can we not ask this question at least?
  23. Who's responsible for how our players setup, who's responsible for coaching players into form? It's not about different managers. You are essentially saying we can't criticise Lampard at all? If that's your stance there's no point in having a discussion.
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