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  1. It looks sort of like something something "and you're spanish but that's not my fault" or words to that effect
  2. Audio Commentary http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/143041/1/watch-chelsea-vs-wolverhampton-wanderers.html
  3. It was the Oscar deal, I was watching skysports news earlier and they were saying about it and using "biggest transfer" and all words like that. Myth dispelled.
  4. And this kids is why you never get excited about a transfer until it's announced officially.
  5. Wayne Rooney ‏@WayneRooney Ash cole your to funny. Legend So well educated.
  6. He wants to play for Barcelona so he can fuck off and play for them. I don't want players here just using us as a stepping stone. Zero respect for that. See ya Romeu, I haven't liked him since he said ages ago that he wants to play for Barcelona.
  7. Oh yes yes.. whoever we get for the right wing spot it's going to be orgasmic next season! CAN'T WAIT!
  8. I really think this deal might be off, since the last official news we've bid for Moses & Schurrle and then we apparently have bid for Oscar too? Are they really going to come to be bench warmers?
  9. Oh that is so beautiful, but again we risk lacking real width without an out and out winger, but imagine Cole and Azpi bombing forward with this three pulling the strings and the lampard bulldozing through and smashing it in.. YES!
  10. Oh burn! He is class but he won't come here to be rotated with Torres, if he would do on a decent wage for a reasonable price then snap the bastard up!
  11. RE: Matt Jarvis. From the horses mouth:
  12. It doesn't look as special as I imagined it would..
  13. Why don't we keep ivanovic as first choice right back and use Todd Kane as our back up right back? May as well at least try Todd in pre-season and see if he's up to the job but last season for youth team and reserves he was VERY good and I think a perfectly good back up right back, we always say we want to use our youngsters so this is a perfect opportunity.
  14. If this little snipey comment was aimed in part at me then the quote I gave was from, what I believe to be, a respectable source; note: "Brazilian + Latin American soccer news/transfers. Sky Sports correspondent. Brazil's Head Researcher for Football Manager,writer at TheElastico + Just Football." I would argue that is a pretty reputable source and not a "random person". So maybe check it yourself before you piss your pants. Also, back on topic: http://www1.skysport...helsea-transfer Hope skysports isn't too random a person for you Henrique you clown.
  15. Paulo Freitas ‏@Cynegeticus Hulk's transfer to #CFC is being delayed by disagreements over the agent fee and the fact 'Rentistas' own 10% of Hulk's rights, says 'DN'
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